Falklands War / Mount Longdon AAR from Platoon/Section Commanders: Gold Dust

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        Pure gold ARR from the Platoon Commander, Section Commander and a Tom from 6 Platoon, B Company, 2 PARA, Battle of Mount Longdon Falklands 1982. Filmed in 1986.

        Casevac comments towards the end.

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          The platoon commander was really clear in laying out the situation and mission. Despite his calm professional demeanor, it seemed like he faltered a little talking about the rough stuff- seemed to truly care for his men.

          I’m slightly confused by the “splitting them into 2 men fireteams”…it sounds like a bunch of 2 man fireteams would be more difficult to command/control, not easier. @Max, can you explain that?

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            1982 you are talking pre-balanced fireteams, brought about when the SA80 came on board with the LSW. Back then, you had a rifle group and a gun group in a section. Gun group 2 men with maybe a controller. Rifle group was 6 or 7 men plus the section commander. That could be broken down any way he wanted to skirmish the rifle grouo, so maybe 3’s or 2’s. Watch thay section attack video in the tactical media section for an impression.

            So he is just reorganizing his rifle group into buddy pairs to allow them to skirmish forward.

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