‘EXTREMELY DANGEROUS’: Dramatic Video Shows Flash Floods Ravaging Baltimore

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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        Many natural threats to prepare for, don’t put it off. Never no when things will go bad.

        ‘EXTREMELY DANGEROUS’: Dramatic Video Shows Flash Floods Ravaging Baltimore Metro Area


        The Baltimore Metropolitan area is experiencing flash flooding Sunday, prompting U.S. officials to advise residents to seek higher ground.

        At 4:40 p.m. EST, the National Weather Service sent out a warning to Ellicott City in Howard County, Maryland.

        “**FLASH FLOOD EMERGENCY** remains in effect for Ellicott City. This is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND POTENTIALLY CATASTROPHIC situation and you must move to HIGHER GROUND IMMEDIATELY AND STAY AWAY FROM ANYWHERE WHERE WATER IS MOVING,” tweeted the National Weather Service.

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          This has happened before.

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            My buddy and MVT alumni lost his sister two years ago in the last flood there. He almost lost his wife and mother in law also. Scary shit.

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              Was just gonna say when I saw the first video this isn’t the first time E City flooded. We had it bad here in the city last week, I wonder how the VTC fared?

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                Prayers for the rescue swimmers and support personnel. To put in perspective – the opening shots are similar to a Class V (or higher) river run


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                Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                  similar to a Class V (or higher) river run

                  I have extensive experience in these conditions, never underestimate the threat these conditions exhibit.

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                    Ellicott City had flooding like this just two years ago, and that was considered “historic” levels of flooding back then. Honestly when I first saw the footage I was wondering why someone was sharing old videos of the flood. With the increasing strength of these hurricanes and Ellicott City flooding so frequently I’m not sure how much longer businesses will be able to keep up down there with the insurance.

                    One of my favorite video game shops just reopened not too long ago and I didn’t get a chance to visit before this happened. :scratch:

                    There’s still a guy missing from the flood, one report I read said he disappeared looking for some lady’s cat.

                    The Jones Falls runs underneath the I-83 in Baltimore, it got at least 20 feet deep at points and flooded Clipper Mills on the other side of the neighborhood. That whole stream became a death trap. I live on higher ground so for me the risk is primarily power outages.

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