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        I was having a chat today to a local in Culpeper, he was asking about gear. We all know there is a gear journey. In the interests of collecting knowledge and speeding up that gear journey for the newbie, let’s pool some knowledge here. That guy may be fighting alongside you in the near future, so do him a solid and pipe up!

        I am going to post one of my gear videos below as a guide to the MVT Fight Lite concept. Feel free to ask me questions on that. What I would mainly like to see is you gear pests piping up and putting in your knowledge of the best and latest. I’m talking mainly belts, pouches, rigs, PCs, helmets and all that. All that which makes up your kit / loadout.

        Please try to post links to where this stuff can be seen / purchased. Even better, photos if you can do it. Let’s make it a detailed resource!

        Share your gear journey and experiences!

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          As we all know gearing up from scratch can get expensive, so when you can find sales or closeouts on quality gear this can help greatly.

          I like minimalist plate carriers Blue Force Gear currently has their PLATEminus Plate Carrier on clearance for $79.00 in medium and large. I purchased one for $100.00 and couldn’t be happier with it and it’s a steal at $79.00. It weighs 12 ounces.

          Add a pair of ShotStop® Duritium GT (Green Tip) Plates for a setup that weighs right at 10lbs.

          Best bang for the buck helmet wise is the old PASGT and add the upgraded OREGON AERO BLSS KIT BALLISTIC LINER & SUSPENSION SYSTEM if you look around you can get this set up for under a $100.00, of course there are many other options and the sky is the limit. A ACH is the next step for around $200.00. Stay away from Chinese junk.

          The rest of my gear choices are more specific to a hot humid environment here in Florida.

          Don’t let the current price on the PLATEminus fool you into thinking it’s a cheap product. The various XXXXminus BFG is the preceding version of the current Crye AirLite line of gear.

          Again there are better helmets, but what’s your budget? I don’t believe in bump helmets might as well have have ballistic protection if you are going to deal with weigh and bulk. Otherwise get a Crye Nightcap for your NODS.

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            Max said “We all know there is a gear journey.” A journey it is. I’m on my third battle belt and I am still not satisfied. The right chest rig would be a good start. I’m sorry I did not buy from Max when they were available. Good footwear with ankle support is very important. Look at Oboz and Keens for some good boots. Consider Oboz Bridger Mid BDry Hiking Boots or their non-goretex brother.

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              Don’t buy cheap shit made in China. No matter how high the Amazon ratings are.

              Don’t listen to the couch commandos on the forums (MVT excluded). They are a bunch of fat-ass fucks that are impotent. If they even own the gear they tout, the only thing they do is put it on so they can masturbate their egos.

              All the high-speed, low-drag gear is cool to wear. Until you have to charge up that hill.

              Body armor does not make you bullet-proof.

              While everyone on the path of becoming the warrior will end of with a box’o’gear, don’t be afraid to buy quality items. Even better, borrow someone else’s and try it out.

              Listen to experts (not the above couch commandos) as they have already figured it out.

              Keep in mind that your buddy that was in the Army/SWAT/etc… had gear that he was required to wear and was designed to meet a very narrow set of mission parameters.

              Mission drives the equipment. Don’t let your equipment delude you into defining your mission.

              Mindset, Skill, Equipment. If you have the first two, the last one will fall into place.

              Camouflage is a relative concept and a matter of perspective. Things that are intentionally made in a camo pattern makes you stand out when you are trying to blend in and look normal.

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                On my phone, so not the most detail:

                1) esstac kywi or hsgi taco

                I prefer kywi as they are no fuss, no maintenance and fast. Tacos are nice if you are proficient with multiple weapons systems (they can accommodate different rifle mag types)

                2) Arc’teryx kneecaps

                These knee pads you can run with any pants (jeans to usgi trou), stay in place (occasional tightening if you don’t tape the elastic) and are comfortable/ultralight/minimal water retention.

                3) Grey Ghost Gear lightweight assault pack

                I’ve tried a bunch of different packs, but I keep coming back to this one. No support makes it for snug against armor, it’s small so helps keep you from just throwing stuff in without being too small for a short duration mission. I think it’s at a good intersection of durability/weight. Mine has been through hell and is still GTG. Can be had on sale for reasonable price

                4) back up iron sights

                KAC micro are awesome but pricey, Magpul pro are solid. A newbie might not realize they need these on their rifle, and also might not understand why they shouldn’t throw cheap BUIS on it (cheap ones break or rust)

                5) Socks

                Good wool socks will help keep your feet happy. Darn Tough, smart wool and Danish Endurance are my recommendations. Thickness depends on weather

                6) Smith Aegis Glasses

                The thin metal on the part that goes over your ear makes it way more comfortable to wear with ear pro

                Those are the only pieces of gear I feel strongly about

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                  What I’m driving at here is the latest gen on what capable MVT alumni are buying. I don’t fully keep track. If anyone wants to ask me what particular kit I am running, I’ll go look at the label and tell you. Some of the guys here are veritable kit experts, because they have been doing the kit journey right now, and should be able to pass on good intel on where and what for the various parts of the MVT Fight Lite concept.

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                    Recommendations and links on latest and best:

                    Battle belt.
                    (Inner velco battle belt)
                    Battle belt mag pouches:
                    Dump pouch
                    TQ pouches

                    Plate Carrier (I wear a First Spear AAC)
                    Spirce of kydex mag pouches for plate carrier.

                    Plates, obviously ShotStop Green Tip: they are out of shooters for now but have about 10 SAPI cut left for now.



                    Night Vision / Thermal

                    Daypack / assault pack – preferably for use with plate carrier. Makes a difference.
                    As much on other clothing and equipment as you want to out.

                    This is designed to be a shopping list for guys to get up to speed.

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                      .308 Micro Rig

                      Of all the gear I have owned, theirs has been the highest quality so far. I have used the M14 micro rig at most of my classes. It is also my go-to-town rig. Very compact and efficient. Holds 6 AR mags and a blow out kit.

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                        As far as rifles go, the one that is at the top of my approval list.

                        FN 15® Tactical II

                        Unlike most rifles with a lo-pro gas black, this gas block is pinned.

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                            Clarification, when I wrote rifle, I meant mag pouches for the belt. We have a pretty good thread from 1SG on approved rifles. That may be embedded? Perhaps @1SG that can be broken out into a distinct list?

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                            -Ops core fast or SF fast, low weight, low profile. Some people don’t like occipital bands (the dial in the back to adjust fit).
                            -ACH with team Wendy pads is the best low cost option. Very comfortable, but only so-so on integration with ear pro

                            Ear pro:
                            -Either peltor comtacs or MSA sordin, the gel cups are way more comfortable. Also, I’d personally get a headset (ear pro with mic) right out of the gate if you can afford it

                            I’ve had 100% reliability with Baofeng GT3-WP radios. Yes, that’s plural, all GTG. It is their waterproof model. They’re relatively cheap, good for someone not too familiar with radios or what functions they might want or need. Downside is the ptt connector is different than most radios. Guys have had a lot of success with Motorola DTR radios and Yaesu.

                            I’m currently experimenting with a TYT 390 DMR radio. So far so good.

                            I’ve gotten the chance to see a bunch of different options from JRH Enterprises. The ultralight dual NVGs are SUPER nice (also really pricey). For the average Joe, I’d say the two best options are pvs14 pinnacle or photonis white phos. Which of the two do I like better? I think it comes down to a unit by unit basis.

                            Hydration bladder:
                            Hands down I’d recommend Source brand bladders.

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                              max Oh fuck no. Condor? AR500 plates? That was not the intent of the post. Who unleashed you? Stop with the nasty cheap crap already.

                              I am looking for guys who know the latest and greatest, to direct people to the good gear. The latest shit. I have much of it myself, but I am not always on the cutting edge. max ends

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                                Weapons lights:
                                Inforce WML is one of the cheaper options. Besides price, it’s benefits are ultralight weight and simplicity. Downsides are no tape switch options (just button on the “end cap”), beam not as focused (especially in IR on the dual mode model), and I’ve heard one report of it breaking under recoil (sounds like it might have been defective).

                                Surefire Scout Vampire is nice because it has a good beam (in both white light and IR) and can be ran with either tape switch or end cap button. Surefire also has a long track record of reliability. Downside is it’s a bit more expensive and is a bit heavier.

                                The cloud defensive OWL is relatively new to the market and an innovative design. These are middle of the road on price, light weight and reportedly very durable. Reportedly good beam (I hear slightly more yellow in color). The power button is integrated into the mount for great ergonomics. Downside is that it’s white light only. Inforce is going to be coming out with a very similar light in 2020, probably for a bit cheaper.

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                                Mike Q

                                  “Weapons lights:
                                  Inforce WML is one of the cheaper options. Besides price, it’s benefits are ultralight weight and simplicity. Downsides are no tape switch options (just button on the “end cap”), beam not as focused (especially in IR on the dual mode model), and I’ve heard one report of it breaking under recoil (sounds like it might have been defective).”
                                  Johnny the Inforce WML is what I was running on the Night class. Remember the light that lit up the whole damn valley? That was an Inforce WML.

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                                    Johnny the Inforce WML is what I was running on the Night class. Remember the light that lit up the whole damn valley? That was an Inforce WML.

                                    Yep, that’s what I meant by unfocused beam. I have one too. I think it’s still is ok for home defense. Patrolling in the woods/rural terrain? Not so much.

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                                      I’ll throw what I’ve been running for the last few years out. As with anything, it’s whats worked for me after multiple evolutions:

                                      1. Battle belt: shellback
                                      2. Mag pouches: HSGI rifle/pistol x2
                                      3. TQ: NAR hard case
                                      4. IFAK: pull-fak on belt
                                      5. Holster: custom kydex for Glock 19
                                      I also run a leatherman MUT multitool on my battle belt. Highly recommend having one somewhere and easily accessible.
                                      6. PC: Warrior Assault Systems Recon
                                      7. Plates: Shot stop GT
                                      8. Radio: Motorola DTR/Horizon Marine, depending on mission
                                      9. Helmet: Crye Airframe with Liberator II earpro attached, helmet light: surefire HLA-1 IR/strobe/white light
                                      10. NVG: PVS-14, see JRH
                                      11. Thermal: FLIR Breach, also see JRH
                                      12. Daypack/assault pack: I have a couple, mission specific: Camelback HAWG, Crossfire, and Eberlestock F5.

                                      Again, this is what has worked for me. It is definitely a journey. Hope this is what you were looking for Max. Didn’t have time to embed links.

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                                          Perhaps I set the boundaries too wide for this thread. We do have the rest of the forum for all the discussions of rifles and other equipment, with their specific sub-sections. What I would primarily like to hear is the latest and greatest (best experiences) for setting up LBE kit for on your body.

                                          You guys already know I wear a First Spear AAC plate carrier with SAPI cut ShotStop GT plates. I am convinced you need to be prepared to wear a PC for boogaloo times. Hot or not in summer (adjust your operation times) you can’t afford to take rounds to the chest area.

                                          I’m working with Diz on a cut-down version of the DG3 pack at about 40L that should have the effect of sitting well over a back plate. This is the biggest issues with wearing a daypack over a back plate. And it won;t work with pouches attached or worn over the bakc plate, so if you are planning on running a daypack (which you need to be) then you need the back of your PC to be slick. Actually, it is really Diz doing all the work and i look forward to receiving the prototype.

                                          For the battle belt, I went to and really lie the inner belt with velcro over which the outer battle belt mates. I was sarcastic initially but will admit to being wrong. I was worreid about winter use, but I find it still works, just put the battle belt over the inner belt and your winter clothing just hangs down your belt. I have worn it like that over the smock and you have to give up the inner Velcro if you do that. Still works.

                                          I have had a number of battle belts so far, and the current one I believe is G-Code. I am using the G-code plastic / rubberish mag pouches. They are really good. The only issue I have found is that putting the handgun mags on the outside of the rifle mag pouches is an issue when I catch them when sitting in a chair at class or something similar and I have had handgun mags pushed up and fall out. They would be better on the belt standalone but I find I run out of space and do not want pouches forward of my hips as they impact legs going up and down.

                                          Post your experiences and equipment recommendations with the various components of the MVT Lite Fight concept.

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                                            I run an ATS battle belt with two rifle kiwis, two pistol mag pouch, ifak in a hsgi bleeder pouch, multi tool in a TT pouch, small roll up dump pouch, and a Safariland holster. With the BB I use either a MVT SOR rig or a four mag UW Gear rig. I use a TT fight light removable operator pack for hydration and small day pack.

                                            I have also started playing around with a Brit molle plce belt kit.

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                                              Here is the current state of my gear journey (lots of stuff in boxes I’m no longer using):

                                              1. Full Battle belt: Blue Force Gear SOC-C w/suspenders (unfortunately now discontinued)
                                              Light Battle Belt: Velocity Systems Operator Utility Belt (Gen 2) with FirstSpear Assaulters Gun Belt
                                              2. Mag pouches: Tactical Tailor
                                              3. PC: Crye JPC
                                              4. Plates: SAPI cut Shot Stop Duritium GT
                                              5. Chest Rig: MVT Versa (unfortunately now discontinued)
                                              6. Holster: On full battle belt – Bianchi UM84 Holster. On light battle belt – Safariland ALS with G-Code adapter/belt mount
                                              7. Knife: ESEE #4
                                              8. IFAK: On full battle belt – USGI IFAK Generation 1. On light battle belt – USGI IFAK Gen 2
                                              9. NVG: PVS-14
                                              10. Thermal: FLIR Scout II 320
                                              11. Helmets: ACH with upgraded suspension. Pro-Tec BRAVO “bump” Helmet
                                              12. Radio: Yaesu FT-60
                                              13. Assault pack: various, but usually use Eagle Yote (I love the “beaver tail” feature)

                                              For my AO I usually train with the full battle belt and PC/plates. The belt can carry 8 rifle mags (or 6 and a smoke or thermal scope), plus 2 pistol mags and multitool. It is set up as a mini E&E kit with GP pouch (for food, etc) & also a GI canteen w/metal cup (but I have been thinking about ditching the canteen in favor of more pouches). The PC can carry 3 rifle mags, and I’m adding a radio pouch to it.

                                              For working around my property, or mobile ops I wear the light belt. It carries 3 rifle mages, 2 pistol mags, a mulitool, holster, radio, and IFAK. Depending on the situation, I might also have the PC/plates or chest rig – either on, or close at hand.

                                              What I’d like to improve:
                                              -helmet. I’d like to upgrade to a low cut ballistic helmet with integrated ear pro/radio.
                                              -radio: looking at TRI PRC 152

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                                                My battle belt situation is a bit of a mess, V-Tac that slides about and up and flops like a tuna just landed on the boat. I got all the cool pouches just trying some work arounds, and not sure about the velcro options because I like to wear the military camo blouses or my Brit smock.

                                                As said its an evolution.

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                                                  My kit isn’t the flashiest but its held up pretty ok at classes

                                                  1. Battle belt: raptor tactical
                                                  2. Mag pouches: HSGI tacos
                                                  3. TQ: mix of trex elastic, refactor tactical velcro, and its tq holder
                                                  4. IFAK: phokus research on belt and behind front plate
                                                  5. Holster: safariland mid ride als. also got the 34 length even tho I only run 17s and 19s in case I want to try a muzzle device
                                                  6. PC: Mayflower APC with first spear tube cummerbund and pig hydration pack
                                                  7. Plates: bao level 4, need to update.
                                                  8. Radio: baofeng uv-8hp

                                                  Looking at adding a helmet and nods eventually. It’s a nice dream at the moment.


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                                                  Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                                                    The biggest difficulty in trying to build a “newbie” gear list recommendations is the numerous choices and lack of consensus.

                                                    Some of this is real “what works for me doesn’t work for you” type of thing, some of it lack of proper assessment of goals of the new user.

                                                    Here’s a example…

                                                    We have a “newbie” Virginian who has decided that current threat of tyranny is sufficient to gear up as a proactive precaution.

                                                    The briefly mentioned cheap Condor gear is definitely the wrong choice!


                                                    Because if things were to actually go bad in Virginia this “newbie” may not be able to replace gear that will self-destruct quickly under daily use. It certainly sucks when a piece of gear fails during paid training, but having gear fail when your life is at stake is far bigger concern!

                                                    This is a problem many students here haven’t faced, yes training at VTC is rigorous, but gear surviving a few trips for training is still not the same as daily use for months on end!

                                                    So a basic supply of realistic quality gear is needed for this “newbie” not a gazillion confusing options!

                                                    Another example…

                                                    The “newbie” says I’ve got a good pair of boots, had them for 10+ years!

                                                    That’s nice. ;-)

                                                    Again wearing them daily in harsh conditions its not the same as a few hikes a year hunting.

                                                    Above are my reserve supply of boots, this doesn’t include the four pairs I regularly wear. That’s nine pairs available.


                                                    Boots are a consumable item and if a “Event” happens resupply maybe a thing of the past. Moccasins or barefoot combat doesn’t appeal to me.

                                                    Of course you don’t have to be at my level of preparedness, but spares are needed. :yes:

                                                    Clothes are a even bigger problem, do you you really think a couple pairs of BDU’s is going to cut it? Or any quality outdoor wear?

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                                                      I’ve got a stack of new Rocky S2V boots just like that. I always get teased about my boot habit, but they were on sale at a steep discount and I like having extras. B-)

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                                                        Well Max and Scott and attest to the fact I started at zero.. I didnt know shit from shinola when I showed up for my first HEAT 1. :wacko:

                                                        So I started out with a supposedly solid gun (Daniel Defense)(no issues with my gun and I have loaned my backup DD to a couple of people at glass and never an issue), HSGI battle belt and tacos, ACOG sight, and Crye pants and clothes. I am blessed that I can be less price sensitive so I try, based on the limited knowledge at the time about quality. Progressed to Max’s chest rig, moved to EoTech (and or AimPoint) red dot due to my old eyes needing better/quicker eye relief, target acquisition. Always got PMAG Gen 3s or DD 40s for mags. All this was pre any guidance from MVT. Now have a Crye JPC, Max’s plates, ballistic helmet and PVS-14s through Scott recommendation and through Robert. I still need to build out my battle belt.. Despite Scott’s abuse, I still like my Glock 19 Gen 4 but put Trijicon sights on them. I am still dumber than a hammer in a lot of ways but it is a process and this forum is very helpful.

                                                        Left Bob

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                                                        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                                                          I always get teased about my boot habit…


                                                          Of course this stocking up goes beyond boots for me.

                                                          Gloves, socks, clothing, batteries, eye/ear pro, etc…

                                                          If it wasn’t meant to last a lifetime I stock up on it and it it was meant to last I just stock up less! ;-)

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                                                            Gentlemen, as a civilian newb let me extend my thanks to you all for taking the time to provide such immensely useful guidance. I was worried about the PT and didn’t book the December 2019 HEAT 1 class until I was sure that I could pass the test if Max made us do it on the first day. When I was sure I could pass, I booked the class but that only gave me a couple of weeks to gear up for it. Not having any idea what I needed other than sorting through this and other forums, I did get as much gear as possible, mostly disposable stuff from Amazon, but I “did” realize that it was crap at the time. Still, not knowing good gear from bad, I also didn’t want to throw a lot of money at just anyone with a slick marketing campaign.

                                                            The information that you’re providing is a service to all us newbs and will allow me to confidently gear up with quality kit for the next HEAT 1 class in March of 2020.

                                                            Thanks again.

                                                            DCH 10/2019
                                                            H.E.A.T. 1 12/2019

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                                                              Kitty’s blasphemy

                                                              PC- crye 2.0 JPC
                                                              Stop Shot GT plates
                                                              ESSTAC KyWI singles each side.
                                                              Crye radio pouches (under cummerbund).
                                                              3-7 mags capable.
                                                              IFAK pouch.

                                                              Battle belt- I differ from Max on this. I do not run a light battle belt at all. If I need a pistol then I will wear a pistol in a holster on pants belt. It is extra weight I dont need. I will go with this PC and a small day pack only.

                                                              Daypack- tactical Tailor fight light operator pack. Carry water some food and mission equipment.

                                                              Brit battle belt- JayJays. I have invested in a true battle belt. I do not plan on wearing a PC with this. This is for dismounted patrolling. I was using a Tactical Tailor MAV vest before.

                                                              I am in fairly good shape. But I also realize how much weight I can hump and fight in has a limit. I try to keep my load at or under 35 lbs. I can hump more but for how long? And if you are bumped can you break contact for say 1/2 a mile or more humping all that shit?

                                                              HEAT 1(CTT) X 3
                                                              HEAT 2 (CP) X1
                                                              FOF X3
                                                              OPFOR X2
                                                              CLC X2

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                                                                Often overlooked detail. Many of our electronic devices take the cr123 batteries. These can be expensive. With the High lumen output we can burn through these batteries. The ones you want to use no matter flashlight brand or whatever are the Surefire. The Surefire batteries have a circuit breaker in them to keep them from blowing up and wrecking your high priced gear like cheap Chinese batteries. This is why you can’t check lithium batteries on planes. The price on line in bulk is not all that bad. Some other batteries may have a circuit breaker but Surefire is the only one I know of for sure.

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                                                                  I am the biggest gear queer that I know of, and that’s saying a lot. My advice to newbies is not to worry about it, until you get to training and see what’s what. Beg, borrow, or steal whatever you need for class, then once you have an understanding of what’s required, start putting your kit together.

                                                                  I’m pretty much along the same lines as Hello Kitty, but I’m also with Max as well. I believe you need different load outs for different missions, AO’s, etc. We used to call this “green side” and “black side”.

                                                                  I would go to ebay, gunshows, wherever and buy cheap mil surplus just to get set up, and then slowly replace it with good kit once you decide how/what you’re gonna carry.

                                                                  I believe the emphasis should be 1) Training, 2) Weapons, and then 3) Equipment. So my advice would be to get to MVT with whatever you can bring, then build a good solid rifle, then worry about support equipment. Don’t get me wrong, I think the right support equipment, optimized for what you’re doing is important, but only after you take care of training, and a rifle.

                                                                • #132066

                                                                    Although I agree with @DiznNC I also differ. This is why we are doing this post. I’m tired of thew whole crap gear thing which impacts people’s training. If given the ability to short-circuit some of the pain, let’s do that here. Ancient Chinese proverb: “Wise Man Learn from Other People’s Mistakes.”

                                                                    We have the overall concept as shown in my gear video up top. I have other such videos on my YouTube also. This is giving people the right steer. You guys jumping in with experiences on different specific gear and manufacturer’s is helping people build that gear.

                                                                    Other than the videos, I do not have an updated gear layout photo. I am going to post a couple of old ones, also with one that Chris (prior AI – moved to WA) also did. The specific of what I am running may have changed (plus rifle etc) but it shows the concept. It is just up to you to source the specific pouches etc to build this kit.

                                                                    Older kit layout:

                                                                    More recent kit layout (still not the current one):

                                                                    Chris’s kit photos:

                                                                  • #132067

                                                                      Post your kit photos?

                                                                    • #132075

                                                                        Items described in my previous post.

                                                                        Armor: ACH with a half assed/unfinished scrim job. PC is a Banshee with Lvl 4 multi hit plates. I need to upgrade the PC and plates to something lighter. I’d like to upgrade the helmet to a high cut also

                                                                        Brit kit I have been playing around with.

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                                                                          That is very useful info there for anyone wanting to get to training.

                                                                          And I will defer to Max here, as he is the one who has people showing up with crap gear. My point being get to training before you worry about all this gear n such, but point taken, you WILL get more out of training if your kit isn’t fighting you!

                                                                          If you get something set up along the lines of what Max and Riflemaniv have illustrated, you will be way ahead of the game.

                                                                          Max illustrates the “Fight Light” principle, which is probably pretty close to what most folks will need in an urban, or suburban environment. That’s one of the best “junk on the bunk” illustrations I’ve seen in a long time.

                                                                          Riflemaniv goes a step further and shows you some choices, from a fight light set up to a more extended woodland patrol load out. The last few picks show a “belt order” that is expanded to include sustainment pouches around back to allow you to operate for 24 hours or more, without as ruck if necessary.

                                                                          BA/helmets added or subtracted as the situation may dictate.

                                                                          So yeah for training purposes, as well as short-term disaster situations, the Fight light concept, as illustrated by Max should probably be most guy’s first set up. For more extended disasters, and more rural environments, then a patrol belt order is substituted for a “battle belt”, where the pistol may be dropped, to make more room for more rifle ammo, and/or sustainment gear.

                                                                          A small ruck may be carried as required for any set up. For training it might contain more ammo and such, for woodland patrol more water, food, light shelter and clothing layers.

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                                                                            I’m really beginning to like the Brit/kywi/UW Gear belt kit set up. I had this put together before the July FoF and I really wish I had it with me for that class. I kinda think the light weight under armor yoke and belt kit may have been cooler than my usual chest rig/BB/day pack set up in the 90 degree plus heat. Only one way to find out.

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                                                                            Sitting Duck

                                                                              Post your kit photos?

                                                                              Please include a ballpark cost estimate.

                                                                              As an older civilian, I’m stuck in the terminal “I don’t know” loop, (what do I need, what’s the difference between good, bad, who is trying to screw you as a vendor, can I really hump it?)

                                                                              To compound the situation, my gear has to be working on “post ban” rules. Consider training in the land of 10rd mags and bolt guns.

                                                                            • #132148

                                                                                Tag for tomorrow. Will get an updated gear pic up.

                                                                                In an initial stage; beginning to happen or develop.

                                                                              • #132151

                                                                                  Been a while since I’ve been here, super busy with end of the year projects getting completed. Most of my original gear, ie. Padded HSGI battle belt and pouches (rifle pouches from emdom, pistol pouches from tactical tailor) and eagle chest rig (not shown), I got from SKD tactical. Lite battle belt and esstac pouches are from OP Tactical, they usually have great prices, dump pouch from tactical tailor. SOR Rig and Versa are from Max. Howard Leight ear pro, arcteryx knee pads (best knee pads, although all knee pads tend to suck). London Bridge Trading 6094B Slick updated with esstac daedon triple pouch and Beez (first spear tubes) cummerbund. Assault bag with nous defion patch is a mayflower 24hr assault pack with tactical tailor single mag pouches on the side for a quick level up when chest rig is depleted. Assault pack with MVT patch is from eagle, just got it the other day, wanted a little more room than the mayflower but not go crazy. Knives (small is the 360, bigger one is the manhunter and double edged) are from Tom Halloran out of Montana. Salomon shoes and benchmade dagger from US Elite, absolutely love my Salomons, been wearing them for years. Theres more gear in the closet, of course, but this is the stuff I use all the time, where my journey has taken me and what works for me. Typing this on my phone, hopefully it makes sense. :unsure:
                                                                                  …edit: I’ll try to post pics from computer tomorrow, apparently they’re to big.

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                                                                                    Hopefully this works

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                                                                                  • #132176

                                                                                      While not specifically asked for and there may be another thread for this I will say that I have destroyed enough pairs of Danner boots, to NOT recommend them. While one pair blew out in basic training, all the rest pairs just from Reserve drill weekends.

                                                                                      Then only exception has been their FT Lewis boots. I have one pair in black leather and one in desert tan that has survived everything I can throw at them.

                                                                                    • #132484

                                                                                        I ended up with no choice but to delete ‘arealcorker’ for behaving like a petulant child on this forum. Pretty sad behaviour particularly in the light of it happening while I was at the Alumni / Team Rekkr weekend, which as usual is noted for the quality of individual who associate with MVT.

                                                                                        MVT is something else. It is not your usual internet shit-space. Regarding the gear, and what has been asked for in this post, we are at a higher level. Thus, we are trying to save people the wasted time on gear and help them, using our knowledge, to accelerate towards success.

                                                                                        Anyone who has spent a moment on this forum, or seen anything I have put out about gear knows that we are not into the whole “condor and AR500” silliness. When I ask fo people to input, it is a given that I want the alumni who know this to input. Not lurkers who just want to parrot crap from elsewhere on the internet.

                                                                                        This was perfectly illustrated on the range on Saturday, when a guest was running the range with an old set of badly adjusted ALICE webbing. It eventually fell off his waist. Embarassing and a good laugh for all, but he learned. You will either learn at training, or you can learn in advance from free-chicken posts such as this one.

                                                                                        Gear advice is here and you should take note and make it happen for your gear.

                                                                                        There are many lurkers here, and they add no value, just here for the free chicken. With the exception of the Alumni and Team Rekkr forums of course. Lurkers are an issue with a mostly-open forum, and a feature of the internet. Yes, I have asked for people to participate more. You can ask questions, post a thankyou for free chicken handed out, or post something useful that is not parroting some crap ‘wisdom’ from elsewhere on the interent. At the end of the day, if you are not training at MVT, you are wasting your time.

                                                                                      • #132489
                                                                                        Robert Henry

                                                                                          A couple of other points-

                                                                                          *If strapped for cash check out options in quality USED gear. A training buddy here on the forums offered me an older gen JPC carrier. I didn’t really feel like I needed it at the time but I bought it. He sold it cheap and I’ll glad I bought it. I use the crap out of it!! It was about 1/4 the price of a new one.

                                                                                          *For people getting into this, equipment lists can be daunting. In the long, long ago some like minded friends had an equipment list that was pretty extensive that was given to new people. I had more than a few tell me it freaked them out to look at a “big list” of stuff they “had” to get. From the new person’s perspective just buying a quality rifle ($800. or more) can be daunting. Meanwhile most of us that have been doing this for a while could outfit a squad with excess equipment we have obtained over the years.

                                                                                          So new people before freaking out or going all shit rothco and pissing money away, consider used options of quality gear. Every so often this sort of thing will pop up in my Ebay feed. Start searching for some of the quality brands these guys have mentioned. Often times it’s lightly used. We aren’t outfitting for prom- if your tight on cash and want quality gear, lightly used is a good way to go.


                                                                                          Lost my MVT class list- been here a time or two :)
                                                                                          Team Coyote. Rifleman Challenge- Vanguard

                                                                                        • #132491

                                                                                            A couple of other points-

                                                                                            *If strapped for cash check out options in quality USED gear. A training buddy here on the forums offered me an older gen JPC carrier. I didn’t really feel like I needed it at the time but I bought it. He sold it cheap and I’ll glad I bought it. I use the crap out of it!! It was about 1/4 the price of a new one.

                                                                                            @RobertHenry I’ve done the same thing, always a good way to pick up gear!

                                                                                          • #136290
                                                                                            Frank Fox

                                                                                              Anyone have suggestions for gloves?

                                                                                            • #136296

                                                                                                I like the mechanix gloves. Can be found on sale for around $10 fit great and are comfortable.

                                                                                              • #136306

                                                                                                  Mechanix ot flight gloves work great

                                                                                                  HEAT 1(CTT) X 3
                                                                                                  HEAT 2 (CP) X1
                                                                                                  FOF X3
                                                                                                  OPFOR X2
                                                                                                  CLC X2

                                                                                                • #136313

                                                                                                    I’m going to assume you mean shooting gloves?

                                                                                                    Mechanix, Outdoor Reasearch, SKD PIG
                                                                                                    All three will kind of do different things;

                                                                                                    Mechanix for easily available, relatively cheap, reasonably durable do-all shooting gloves.
                                                                                                    Far from the best, but will work.
                                                                                                    They also make a cold weather version of their basic glove that is still thin enough to shoot with, *however*, they’re not super-warm, and NOT waterproof at all, so pretty useless in snow. But good for like 30-40 degree days, maybe a little cooler if your hands run hot.

                                                                                                    PIG if you want the thinnest, least intrusive feeling gloves, but probably the least durable of the three.

                                                                                                    Outdoor Research- something like their Ironsights or similar.
                                                                                                    Most durable of the three, going to be a little more expensive, and forget walking into your local Lowes or sporting goods shop and finding a pair.
                                                                                                    Also seem to run a bit tight if you have larger hands.

                                                                                                  • #136337
                                                                                                    Robert Henry

                                                                                                      Mechanix gloves- check your local auto parts stores for these, sometimes cheap.

                                                                                                      We bought a bunch of multicam mechanix gloves at a couple of local O’Reillys auto parts for around $10-12. each marked down from $20.

                                                                                                      They had the black ones also but the MC was cheaper.

                                                                                                      To me those gloves suck for the cold, so check out some Outdoor research gloves for colder weather. Again, something that will sting if paying new prices, but sometimes can be found slightly used on Ebay, at surplus stores, etc. I noticed our Walmart this year had some decent “Swiss Gear” waterproof (resistant) gloves that are warm. It’s rare for these shops down south to have decent cold weather clothing. They were around $20. I’ll scoop the rest up cheap in the spring on clearance and put a pair in each rucksack, car, etc. as cold weather backup.


                                                                                                      Lost my MVT class list- been here a time or two :)
                                                                                                      Team Coyote. Rifleman Challenge- Vanguard

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