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        An excerpt from the current book I’m reading:

        “Should we monitor? Disrupt? Capture? Kill? We were trying to make them uncomfortable, anticipate what they were doing, then degrade and disrupt their activities.

        Our technique was a derivative of Information Operations known as Effects Based Operations (EBO). The idea behind EBO is to maximize your strengths and apply them directly to your advisary’s weaknesses, monitor the effects of your efforts and adjust accordingly to make sure you maintain advantage. The trend in the army had been to establish standards, train to those standards, and conduct operations to meet those standards. The problem had become that achieving victory had been lost in the process- measures of performance became the measure to which one’s military success was held. What got dropped was the focus on measures of effectiveness- or achieving victory. The military tends to worship mediocrity. Achieving and maintaining standards- even if those standards do not achieve victory- is the safest course of action. Follow process, no matter what.

        Mountain Viper, the upcoming operation planned against the Taliban, would be a major test of the concept and its effectiveness. the limited number of 10th Mountain’s troops would be the subjects of this test- with their objective to stymie the Taliban offensive.”

        Does anyone have any insights to EBO, Operation Mountain Viper, or comments on the author’s comments about standards?

        I don’t see the connection between standards and “conducting operations to meet those standards”. I’ve never heard of a op where the goal was to achieve a standard.

        Can anyone shed some light?

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