Don’t assume good guys are good or bad guys are bad!

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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        From the previous thread.

        Don’t assume good guys are good or bad guys are bad!

        I believe this deserves more attention.

        So how does such a statement truly apply to not only current events, but our future?

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          Well we have gotten views, but no comments.

          So a quick down and dirty overview that should be obvious!

          Not all people are what they seem.

          Despite this being obvious why do I know it’s not?

          Because many; to include Forum members, still bring up information, articles, and blog posts from people that are enemies to Rightful Liberty!

          This demonstrates that many can not overcome the groupthink in the alleged patriot community (little “p” intentional).

          Some even preface quotes from these dubious sources with platitudes or insinuating we censor information, but somehow this comment, article, blog post is different. :unsure:

          Well enough of my rebuke.

          So let’s start with the subject of LEO’s who are popular group to disparage since they don’t live up to the lofty goals of many a “keyboard kommando!”

          So tomorrow we have Virginia Lobby Day and to many the LEO’s present will be looked at as the enemy. Some certainly are! Most probably not.

          On “our” side we have the alleged good guys! Many of them influenced by the insane groupthink we are continually warning about. Some maybe looking for a fight, some will see evil in every LEO present, some even think anyone older than themselves is obviously a failure and probable traitor.

          The will be representatives of all of the above present tomorrow.

          So those attending need to watch these so called “good guys” like a hawk as it is highly doubtful a uniformed “bad guy” will fire the first possible shot.

          Additionally the people you are there with need to be extensively briefed; to the point they are sick of hearing it, to not get suckered into getting scope locked into the first or biggest disturbance regardless of form it takes. You need to workout assigned areas of responsibility and not be distracted by events outside of your area.

          If this is some sort of trap; as many have predicted, then several distractions maybe initiated to draw attention away from the real threat.

          Also in the event of gunfire your ability to localize source will be degraded in an urban environment, visual clues and assigned sectors will have much better chance to identify threats.

          Again above is very obvious basics.

          How about some hopefully more distant hypotheticals.

          So let’s look at our alleged “bad guy” LEO’s a little deeper. Given a internal conflict within State or Nation, yes some LEO’s will side with government, some will leave for our ranks, and some will stay to monkey wrench things within to include providing information of intelligence value to guys like me!

          How can you tell the difference?

          YOU CAN’T!

          This is why those shortsighted idiots that fill the Blogosphere with talk of targeting LEO’s are fucking ignorant clowns!

          In fact if there is to be any hypothetical targeting, I suggest those idiots calling for such stupidity should be high on the list!

          Now we can cue the “What you want me to just surrender to gun grabbers?” types!

          To them I reply “Are you really that fucking stupid?!”

          Of course not we all have a inherent Right to selfdefense.

          Should things ever go hot there will be much greater nuance to situations than many realize or appreciate.

          So in review…

          Tomorrow the greatest threat initially will probably be from someone who appears to be like you! Regardless whether they are a plant, misguided, or other.

          Does this mean you should ignore LEO’s?


          I suspect there will be plenty of untrained ignorant fools keeping a very close eye on these “bad guys!”


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            Thanks for the thoughtful analysis Joe, we do appreciate it. :good:

            DCH 10/2019
            H.E.A.T. 1 12/2019

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              Good post!

              I know guys who are full ACAB, the reality is that each department is independent so each has to be addressed separately. If things go full boogaloo (I mean a persistent collapse of government authority, not just a riot), no need to eliminate any possible intelligence assets.

              Right now I’m worried about hotheads in the 2A movement and provocateurs, seems like we dodged a hail of bullets with these anti-Base raids but we don’t know who else is out there.

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                I have a comment I’m writing offline.

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                  I think this goes along with what Max has said about this in the past. People wont be wearing uniforms so identifying good guys and bad guys will be tough. Many police will try and diffuse situations and others will knock heads. Head on a swivel..

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