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        I stumbled on this miniseries on Netflix this weekend, Inside the Mossad. For anyone unaware, Mossad is Israel’s foreign intelligence service.

        It is a set of interviews of former Mossad operatives, sharing some descriptions, in their own words, of what the profession is like, and sharing some anecdotes and pictures/videos from their time in service.

        They obviously add a bit to the mystique, and one guy even acknowledges that the way he responds could be a psyop in and of itself (no conspiracy). But what strikes me is the clear professionalism they show, at least from my layman American perspective.

        They delve a lot into some of the psychological requirements and the personal costs associated with being an operative. My wife called it “creepy”. The job is so personal! Much like Heraclitus’ warrior quote, finding the person who has the suitability to be a great spy might be even rarer.

        It all makes you think.

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          I’ll have to check it out, they are a interesting bunch.

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            Some of the lore goes that out of 10 Mossad decision makers one of them must always argue the opposite conclusion from the other 9. In feminized America that 1 would be fired, ostracized and probably ruined for life.

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