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        Likely many people have seen the videos of white people kneeling not in support, but begging forgiveness for ‘privilege’ and for sins real and imagined on the part of their forebears, and for just plain existing. Sometimes tearfully, sometimes actually grovelling. Sometimes as part of a ‘religious’ service, and sometimes just because someone literally asks them to.

        The only thing stopping me from puking is the fact it would clog the keys on the keyboard.

        The best solution seems obvious: have all such guilt-ridden grovelers commit suicide and thereby gain absolution, but not before naming their favorite Social Marxist group the beneficiary of their will, and as an added benefit they will do their part to limit carbon emissions too; sounds like a real win-win.

        This post was a take-off on “Who profits…” and I see a LOT in these debasement videos. The ‘profit’ to the PTB is witnessing the payoff of generations of White/European/Christian/American guilt programming. And even having a modicum of success (e.g. running your one business) is guilt enough. Today I came across a photo of a female Swedish cop who was attacked by Muslims, and ended up in penitent tears holding a “Silence is Violence”sign. Probably a reason “Stockholm Syndrome is so named.

        The biggest worry I see now is a real shift to a bigger level of “If you’re not with us you are against us.” Kind of like watching Kim Jong’s generals applaud him; they smile and jump so much they look like cartoon characters, but it’s probably better than being fed to the dogs for insufficient worship.

        With that is the mandatory self-criticism, e.g. Drew Brees today. Not sure, but wasn’t that part of the communist program, mandatory self-criticism in public? I do recall when studying social psych that it certainly was part of the Jonestown programming.

        In my own town – a Dallas upper middle class suburb – the battle lines are already being drawn among the school kids and even among the parents, a number of who support the riots and looting, e.g. “Look how the poor, poor people just can’t get anyone to HEAR them!” And I wonder if the tune will change if we DO get riots up here, and the local botox salons and spas are destroyed.

        The biggest profit I see to the instigators of all this, is what will stem from the guilt, groveling, and degradation. The prediction is that like a battered girl friend, the girl friend will still rush to defend her batterer even against those who try to protect her.

        I wouldn’t rely on those folks for help, and that’s an understatement. And, I’d think twice (or more) about helping them, for all the reasons mentioned should the situation ever arise.

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          The difference between kneeling with someone, vice kneeling before someone!

          While not conclusive, this certainly seems to be the beginning of the culmination of at least decades of Socialist effort.

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          Robert Henry

            This has been slowly ingrained in movies, TV, “popular culture” etc. for the last few decades. You are simply see parts of the last few episodes of the show.


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            joe dirt

              when i first saw the “#take a knee” I thought that maybe Max’s message to take cover and return fire was finally going viral. Unfortunately I was sadly mistaken

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                My mother was born in South Carolina and was born poor. Went to bed hungry. A younger sibling died because her mother could not afford to take him to a doctor. She joined the Army at 18 to break away from abject poverty.

                My father was born during the depression as the son of Kentucky tobacco farmers. When he wasn’t in school, he worked dawn to dusk. Not exactly poor, but not prosperous.

                SO I am privileged because my actually poor (not poor as is defined today) parents worked their asses off to make sure I could go to college, work hard in college and then graduate to work another hard job and then join the Army?

                Fuck ’em.

                My ancestors from my mom’s side came from Ireland during the famine (No Irish Need Apply). My great-grandfather on my dad’s side when he was a teenager ran away and hid in the hills during the forced relocation of the Cherokee known as the Trail of Tears.

                My dad’s mother’s family was Scots-Irish (Grier/Clan MacGregor) who emigrated to West Virginia and Kentucky.

                Don’t tell me I am privileged. I am the end product of thousands of years of social evolution who pays into society with my career(s) and even my life.

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