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        Hey Guys

        I’ve had a few questions so wanted to post up here with the scoop.

        First off, thanks for buying Crossfire rucks; you won’t be disappointed.

        Next the website is still acting wonky but we have new IT gurus on it and confidence is high.

        The DG3’s have been well received. If you’re looking at one, think about getting it as soon as you can. We will probably not be including the internal frame set up or flat rate shipping for very much longer.

        DG16’s and Mk7’s are inbound, ETA 3-4 weeks. These will be MC, CB, and RG. There will be a price increase on these, but still a good discount to MVT alum. I also still have some new-old stock in Khaki, DPCU (Aussie cam), and Black. Probably be a good deal on these coming up soon. The old stock includes the additional 2-pocket top lid, the new ones do not, but can still be purchased separately.

        We are also working with Max on some rucks optimize for our requirements, in some smaller sizes that fit in with fight light concepts. Thinking about something in the 35-45L range. Short range, short duration missions and training purposes. More to come.

        We are also talking with SME’s from literally around the world about an artic warfare model of the DG16 and/or SAS Mk 7. This is a natural progression for rucks this size and we’re pretty stoked about it.

        After you guys have had time to run them, please post up AAR’s. We are very interested in your thoughts and want to continually improve our rucks.


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        • This topic was modified 9 months, 1 week ago by DiznNC.
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          DiznNC please contact me re 55 L ruck – check you pm and email. Thank you.

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