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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        With all this talk of Urban CQB, I thought this might be helpful for many.

        I do not believe some people realize just how little protection modern construction provides against incoming or outgoing weapons fire.

        This is why I personally want to avoid Urban CQB, to include Max’s Tactical Clearance Technique.

        Since we can’t always get our way, Max’s Alternative CQB Technique is available. I will go to great lengths to avoid real world use if possible.

        Most American homes are just concealment!

        This older video is very enlightening for those who lack this knowledge.

        “The Gauntlet” movie scene below…

        (Advance to 2:16)

        …is not one I want to experiance in real life! :yes:

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          I was reading Black Hearts yesterday (a Christmas gift from my wife who was attached to that unit) and it talks about a house with one bad guy in it. The platoon shot it up, used hand and 40mm grenades and had an Apache use its cannon. They sent a team in and three of the four guys got hit and one was killed. Higher finally approved hellfire and it took three to level the house.

          That is the difference in modern construction that is illustrated here VS mud and concrete as used else where.

          Though flimsy never assume because you shot it up the guy inside isint still there waiting.

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            That is a cast iron sink!! A bit brittle, yes but wow.

            When I was way younger I built a few additions an a house. I always tell my wife that the locked door is a joke when I can put my boot thru the wall. 30 seconds with a small chainsaw an I have a door where I want one.

            I want a SMAW!!!

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              This could be a fine thread except some jerk will probably show up and start making political comments about how America’s wealth is but a façade that will rot away like exposed chip board. In all honesty I have no interest in performing CQB, rather given my choice I would rather perform it like the Syrian army does in that video posted by moderator numero uno.

              2016 Camacho for president “F*ck yeah”

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              Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                Been awhile, worth another look.

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                  Wish I could build a house out of reinforced concrete.

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                    Wish I could build a house out of reinforced concrete.

                    any idea what 1000 square feet square or rectangle structure would be ? Single story


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                      I keep coming back to these


                      12″ concrete on the outside, 6-12″ foam, another 4-8″ concrete on the inside……now, if I can get my wife on board – she says no, looks like a breast, what’s wrong with that??

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                        Friends built a double-doom home about 15 years ago and love it. I would live in one of these structures in an instant.

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                          “Wish I could build a house out of reinforced concrete.”

                          As a person that believes a man’s home is his castle, I would go with one of these “homes.”


                          What’s not to like, Moat, Drawbridge, Trebuchets, Battlements, Keeps (dungeons), Towers, and Arrow loopholes (firing positions).

                          Think of the possibilities.

                          Take care and stay safe

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                          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                            Giving this…

                            …was onto a ‘soft walls’ structure.

                            Thought this might be worth reviewing as a reminder. Few architecture in the US provides more than just concealment.

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                            First Sergeant

                              I talk about this in the DCH class.

                              In modern construction, nothing in your house is cover. Walls, appliances and furniture just slow things down. They do not prevent penetration.

                              Signal Out, Can You Identify
                              Je ne regrette rien
                              In Orbe Terrum Non Visi

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