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      First Sergeant

        Signal Out, Can You Identify
        Je ne regrette rien
        In Orbe Terrum Non Visi

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          Sounds right.

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            If this verbal exchange really happened, as I’m sure it has many times in battles of many sorts, it shows cognitive dissonance to events happening and the human mind’s bewilderment at that moment.

            Since I’ve never been in a battle like this, I can only hope I react differently. Of course, some, if not all, of the gunners’ hesitancy may be due to R.O.E.

            Nice scene selection First Sgt. It would seem appropriate for our times…around potential sick people? Wear a mask and stay away from them would be your first line of defense. Now if they started coughing on you on purpose if you are old like has happened in other countries, then its time to escalate your response!

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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