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        I was going through my IFAK’s to make sure the CAT tourniquets were all Gen7, and I found that I had a number of expired components.

        QuickClot Combat Gauge has an expiration date of course due to the clotting agent, and I’ve been careful to update those. But I never thought to check the H&H Compressions Gauze, or the Israeli bandages.

        I think Israeli bandages have a clotting agent – correct? If so that makes sense. But why vacuum packed and sealed gauze would expire I don’t know – but they apparently do. If anyone can shed light on this I’d love to know.

        Halo chest seals have an expiration date as well.

        So, if you have not already done so – check your IFAK.

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          #1 – Medications have an expiration date, which have a HUGE safety margin.

          #2 – Bandages do NOT have an expiration date (per se), meaning no-good. The “expiration date” listed is more of a “sterile expiration date”, meaning the sterility of the bandage.

          #3 – your call on the QuickClot (~$30). Good study compares QuickClot with Kerlix (~2), your call.

          #4 – chest seals expiration date has more to do with the “stickiness” of the adhesive.

          #5 – Chest decompression needles have expiration dates also, but more for sterility.

          In general, I buy supplies for my 1st line gear, move the older stuff to my disaster bags, then move the “really old” stuff to my training supplies.

          I applaud you for checking med gear, a lot will overlook.

          DISCLAIMER – NOT to be construed as medical advice. What I do, I do with eyes wide-open. What you choose to do, is on you.

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            I posted this to a buddy with combat experience, and he can back saying the same thing about the gauze and chest seals.

            Thanks for the input.

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              While the stuff like gauze, needles do not have expiration dates I will say that age takes it toll.

              Particularly if you keep your stuff in a hot car.

              I had some israeli type bandages circa 2007 GWOT. Approx 2015 we were on vacation in an isolate spot and late one Sunday afternoon a female needed an absorptive pad and I wasn’t driving an hour to store. I opened an izzy and it pretty much fell apart in my hands.

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              Robert Henry

                Can see anything going wrong with the compressed gauze.

                On the Israeli bandages there has been stories of long term storage in high heat ruining the little plastic holder (I believe it’s glued to the bandage?) That being said I have a ton of them in my training gear and have yet to see this happen myself.

                Looks like Duane posted that he had problems with one- could it be the glue on the plastic??

                You would still have a large ACE type bandage if nothing else.

                BTW, I’m really liking the new generation SOF-TW TQ’s.


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                  The padding on whatever izzy I had was fine. The stretchy wrap disintegrated in my hands. While it is an extreme case this bandage had been through a 9 month tour in A-stan in a med bag and had spent a various amount of time in the trunk of my car in South Carolina.

                  A few years earlier in interestingly enough the same place for the same reason I pulled out a couple of field dressings that I was issued in 1991. Like these:

                  They turned to powder when I opened them. I had had them for over 20 years.

                  As long as H and H compressed gauze is cotton it should last a LONG time. That being said I have seen some rayon based gauzes turn brittle after a decade or two. From a chemical perspective anything polymer based (synthetic fibers) are more susceptible to decomposition and an exacerbation thereof with heat.

                  I have some all steel hypodermic needles that are just as good as the day I first got them. Just have to sharpen them occasionally.

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