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        Looking for a good OD Molle Buttpack. Can’t be probably more than 10″ wide but I’ll take all suggestions. Seems like the market is very low on dedicated options, a large utility pouch might suffice.


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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          The closest to the original USGI Butt Pack is the Mayflower Jungle Butt Pack by Velocity Systems.

          The Mayflower Jungle Butt Pack is designed around the amount and type of equipment usually needed for long duration jungle patrolling. The Butt Pack is sized to carry a Basha (aka poncho – with bungees, line and stakes), broken down 24hr ration pack or MREs, canteens, light jacket, light sleeping bag, survival items or whatever else the mission requires. The Jungle Butt Pack is H9” x W8.5” x D6” and made of 500D Cordura. All materials and workmanship are 100% made in the USA.

          A scree collar
          Helium Whisper attachment system (zero water absorbance)
          Large diameter drain holes
          Top mounted d-rings
          ¾ ” ITW Fastex fasteners
          Loop Velcro for visual identification aids
          Webbing straps for attaching equipment externally
          Webbing on the sides for attaching additional PALs/Molle pouches
          Each Jungle Butt Pack takes 4 belt columns
          Dimensions: H9” x W8.5” x D6”
          100% Made In The USA

          Best price I’ve found is $53.00

          Blue Force Gear has a Large Utility Pouch on sale for $47.97.

          The Large Utility Pouch is a lightweight MOLLE-compatible general purpose pouch that boasts massive storage capacity – holding up to 9 M4 magazines. Pattern matched dust resistant zippers protect the contents.



          Up to 9 M4 magazines
          Larger items, general purpose items
          Stripped down MREs


          2.5″ x 9″ x 8″
          6 x 4 MOLLE field required


          CORDURA® ballistic nylon
          MOLLE compatible Helium Whisper® attachment system
          ULTRAcomp™ high performance laminate
          Pattern matched zippers with ZipLine molded rubber pull tabs

          The Mayflower Jungle Butt Pack would be better if your looking for a modern “old school” jungle loadout.

          The Large Utility Pouch would be better if you want a more streamlined close to your body, but still have good capacity.

          Just my thoughts, just remember it’s easy to get too loaded down.

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            That Velocity Systems is EXACTLY what I’m looking for, ordering now. Thanks Joe!

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              I read a bunch of your reviews on here requiring LBE jungle rigs. Thanks great info!

              How often does Mayflower Velocity restock and change colors? They are sold our pretty much everywhere.

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                …I hate to sound like a dummy but what exactly do you store in a buttpack? I had one briefly when I was overseas but never found much use for it.

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                Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                  How often does Mayflower Velocity restock and change colors?

                  It had plenty of availability before this latest panic. Given the current supply issues and stay at home issues, I really don’t know.

                  Technically most of the gear manufacturers fall under “essential” category, but given this is a speciality item with no major jungle hotspots it maybe awhile, but that’s speculation.

                  …I hate to sound like a dummy but what exactly do you store in a buttpack?

                  Think minimalist sustainment pouch, essentially a alternative to a daypack which stays with you when you drop your Rucksack.

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                    re: availability

                    Thanks, good to know they are not some new age instagram limited drop type thing.

                    re: why?

                    In the case of the old school overstuffable type, which draw string and flap, it’s a great expandable sustainment pouch -> small pack. Drop ruck, pull out mission essential supplies, shove into limp buttpack CM.

                    In the age of body armor and vehicular ops, these are not so common or useful.

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                      For some reason I cant get that picture to post here but Ive heard good things about the manufacturer T3.

                      Ive been looking at it for a backpack HF rig, once ICOM releases the 705. I think this bag would be perfect.

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                      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                        For some reason I cant get that picture to post here but Ive heard good things about the manufacturer T3.

                        That’s essentially a copy of Eagle Industries discontinued Recon Butt Pack.

                        There are potential problems with using the your belt gear as a shelf for pack/ruck, but if someone wanted to give it a try purchasing one off eBay would save a lot. Seen these for as low as $30.

                        There were two generations, one for ALICE and one for MOLLE.

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                          Thank you. I try to stay away from “Elks Ass Brown” but some shake and shoot will make it more green than brown. Got one OTW now for my franken rig.

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                            Similar to but a more “robust” configuration is from JayJays in the UK (Max has done a review on) – https://www.jayjaysbrecon.co.uk/gen-4-commanders-multicam-webbing-c2x30599907

                            I have found this setup to be multifunctional – having used it for MVT classes, hunting, hiking, etc. I just swap out equipment in the pouches. Consider getting both types of suspenders – thin ones for wearing PC over, and thicker ones for heavier loads.

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