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        Nice video that will broaden ones priorities for training. From Warrior Poet Society’s John Lovell. Former Ranger, now trainer. Small unit tactics, threat assessment (criminal mindset), verbal judo, communications (radios), use of cover and concealment, military history, gunsmithing, using domestic and foreign military weapons, land navigation, mission planning, medical training, martial arts, defensive driving, shotgun, long gun, pistol, CQB, carbine, and more are part of his training priorities for himself.

        I don’t think he is actively teaches all of those tactics/skills but his point is to be a Renaissance trainee. Obviously he believes that putting all of one’s energy to becoming the fastest pistol shooter is not going broad enough…

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          I like John a lot, and I think he’s trying to turn the tide as it were.

          For me personally, I don’t make the time for as lengthy of a list as he has, not that I wouldn’t like to. His list is long enough that you would have to be pursuing that list 8 hours a day, seven days a week in order to be skilled in all that. Maybe he just means “familiar with”?

          Interestingly, he didn’t make a mention on fitness, which for some of that stuff is a requirement/enabler, a relatively big time commitment, and is a weakpoint in “the industry”.

          It is worthwhile to do some introspection on how you spend you’re time vs where you think you spend your time vs where you’d like to spend your time. Same goes for money.

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            He mentioned “martial arts” so may be that counts as fitness? I think he was specifically talking about skills and tactics to train.

            Yes it would make sense for him to directly mention fitness. He would probably agree with you.

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