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        Breaking my own rules here with AP. Thoughts on this?


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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          My first thought is he plays too much into the romanticism of long range shooting!

          Obviously it’s a good skill to have, but I don’t buy into it being some kind of game changer. Marksmanship even with a quality hunting background doesn’t make a sniper.

          The gun raid threat is slightly overblown, we have already established they don’t have sufficient manpower. So any gun raids will initially be mostly successful, however how many can they pull off before they either turn into ambushes or targets simply go to ground?

          The disorganized militia wannabes will certainly stir things up if things were to actually go hot, but their lack of training will increase lives wasted on both sides.

          Not to mention wasting resources on needless attacks.

          The good news is these wasteful efforts will provide great cover for action for people that truly know what they are doing.

          If things can’t be prevented, it could be brought to a quicker conclusion with a little more critical thinking.

          Anyway those are my issues for the most part.

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              Bracken has long romaticised the hunter with optics on his rifle. His tactics are SEAL from the 1970s, so he basically knows nothing – what does the Navy know about SUT? B-)

              However, we don’t actually know what the raids will look like. We may have said they don’t have the numbers, but do they know that? Concentration of force against specific targets is a strategy. Also, if VA does not stand up, then they get away with it.

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            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

              Concentration of force against specific targets is a strategy.

              No doubt, but that reduces the number of raids carried out. Certainly sucks for those on the pointy end of such raids!

              Also, if VA does not stand up, then they get away with it.

              That’s the big question!

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                I read the same article today and it’s ironic because it sounds like a snapshot from any of his recent books. He definitely highlights the glorious long range shot! In his book I recall a scene where a female college student pulls a headshot off on a state attorney general while he is golfing, of course it’s across a lake using a suppressed single shot 223 scoped handgun, so of course it’s totally doable!!!! but he pushes the story that there will be lots of raids done by three letter agencies, which is of course possible but not in unfriendly territory. I know where i live, when the marshalls try to swing their dicks too much local law enforcement makes a lot of noise and they go away for a while. the places where most of our 2A supporters reside are not the types of locales where they can convoy in at night with a bunch of armored suburbans and sneak out without anyone the wiser. I just feel if it get’s that far, we are already down the road too far to turn around without a lot of bad stuff happening. Which is why the states need to do their parts and keep the state laws that support our rights and we need at least one more conservative justice in the supreme court before we can really breath easy

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                  His thoughts in the article mirror his books.

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                    You know, I like Matt, and most of those guys over there, but, you seem to get this mob-mentality sometimes, like a little click, where MVT ads/input are noticeably missing. Which is a shame.

                    Anyways, on to analysis. Matt has a good scenario thought out here, but sometimes he’s like a one-trick pony. It’s very well thought out, but only one likely scenario among many, IMHO. For example, I see weapons confiscation as an add-on to any brush with the law, not as a primary mission. So any time you fuck up, there is a mandatory check and confiscation of all your weapons “for the public good”. Much like convicted felons right now. This avoids the set-piece raids he seems so fond of, in lieu of separating the man from his weapons, and then threatening the wife with all kinds of doom if she doesn’t turn in the ol boy’s gat. Back-door tactics like this have worked before on various “wars on…”; you simply substitute “domestic terrorist” for “drug-dealer” and there you are. So the key, IMO, is living in a county where your contacts with LE will not be fishing expeditions to disarm you.

                    The long range shooting thing. This seems sacrosanct to some. The problem is there is some truth to it, although again, one good technique works well for a hedgehog, but not for us. Even though this is a very viable technique it is also used by some for an excuse not to train to fight in the various ranges, for whatever reason.

                    The registration leading to confiscation thing. Very true. This is the low-intensity, frog in the pan thing; very difficult to counter.

                    The Irish example. Hmmm. Well here you have a very dedicated, homogeneous society, of highly motivated zealots, with a religious/ethnic angles thrown in. You have no such thing over here in the so-called patriot community. We argue amongst ourselves more than we do with the opposition. And the likelihood of having a good auxillary to hide you after an op is highly questionable in my mind. Again depends on your county. We are a long ways off from having any solidarity approaching this example. But one thing is for certain. Even with their bickering, incompetence, and pure bloody-mindedness, they still held off the British Army for decades, merely by existing.

                    On to Virginny. I think we’re in new territory here. The past examples were in times when the left was not so open and end yer face. Now it has become apparent to many more folks what game is afoot, and the likelihood of violent contact has gone up considerably. But I don’t think you can shoe-horn it into your pre-conceived scenario; it’s going to twist and turn as it wants.

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                      Diz, I think you’re right about the majority of confiscation coming in the form of “add-ons” to any interaction with LE. This tactic would not stir up as much trouble with a local or national populace, because it would largely go unnoticed. And when that individual did try to post his/her story on the various social medias, others would research the “official story” and read that this person was arrested for other reasons… making the water muddy. This tactic would also greatly simplify the logistics of confiscation. Instead of no-knock raids by a team of LEOs, officers would be instructed to confiscate during routine patrols/interactions. Even if this took longer, or only resulted in the confiscation of whatever the individual had on their person or in their vehicle. Perhaps, the rest of the loot would be had later by serving warrants on the residence where the ole lady was alone with the kids and not about to put up any resistance. Such a tactic reduces the likelihood of violence during confiscation, and also serves to make the idea more palatable to LEOs… it’ll feel as though it’s business as usual.

                      Naturally, greater success would be had with such confiscation in the urban centers all over the country. Greater resistance may be had in the rural populations, especially if local LE is in defiance of any state or national edicts. If one’s city, county, or state refuses to abide by confiscation orders then there likely won’t be much rumblings. Such rumblings may come in the form of federal LE defying those localities to confiscate, but then the people would have government backing and defense against those actions. This would be the ideal scenario for most, and much preferred.

                      However, I’m not holding my breath that LEOs across the country would be willing to sacrifice their livelihoods, pensions, or freedom for others. That’s a very big gamble. Again, it all comes down to how much local, county, and state support they have to NOT carry out confiscation orders.

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                        About 10-15 yrs back in Trinidad, Texas, there was a self reliant off the grid extended family that lives back in the woods. They guarded their land and did not allow anyone especially LE access. They recognized no govt.
                        One of the daughters married a guy in town, had kids but got divorced. She moved back to the enclave with kids. Father was not allowed to see kids. He went to court and got custody. Court ordered the Sheriff to go get the kids. Sheriff said Nope. It wasnt worth getting people killed over custody of kids. As far ad I know, it is still that way today.
                        My point is that LE will back if if they know that there is a tall price to pay.

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