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        The Books:

        The Author:
        Daryl Sahli was born in Rhodesia and served in the RAR, so he has “been there, done that”.

        The characters and the stories:
        Most of the characters were either real players, or are based on real players. Examples: Col. Reid-Daly, and Dennis Croucamp (renamed “Dennis Kumpher” in the books). Some of the characters are players in more than one of the books, even though the books are all stand-alone, rather than a series.

        These three books are fiction, but many of the events were real events or based on real events. The “Viscount Down” incident, raids into Mozambique and Zambia, pseudo-terrorist ops, and Fireforce actions… Many times the actions/battles described are accompanied with detailed maps, and are so well described, it leaves you wondering if Sahli is actually describing a real event, and just weaving it into his story. Actually, the descriptions of the battles reminded me a lot of reading Max’s PATRIOT DAWN and PATRIOT RISING.

        I have read a LOT of memoirs of Rhodesian soldiers, Selous Scouts, etc, and these books ring VERY true. Extremely good descriptions of military actions, and the author does a great job of weaving interesting stories and making the characters and events seem absolutely real… and entertaining!

        Well worth reading! sahli sahli sahli

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          RAR does that mean Rhodesian African Rifles?

          I’ve read dozens of accounts of the Bush War and one that sticks out is “Charlie Tango” about a territorial reserve officer who takes over a black territorial outpost and turns it into a ship shape outfit.

          The Rhodies did not lose that war on the battlefield, it was their haphazard politics of being stuck in the past and inability to discredit the commies and their enablers.

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            RAR – Rhodesian African Rifles. Black soldiers with white officers. Selous Scouts were integrated from the very beginning. Sometime in the 1970’s I think most other Army units were also integrated. A notable exception was the Rhodesian SAS, who never did allow blacks to join…. Rhodesia did have some “racist” policies, but they are unfairly painted with the South African “aparteid” brush. Different policies, different situation, and different cultures for both whites and blacks.

            Rhodesians lost that war mostly because of British political scheming. The Brits were pissed because the “silly colonials” in Rhodesia had the nerve to declare their independence. The U.S. was nursing the black eye from trying to “stop communist aggression” in SE Asia, and dealing with our own black/white race relations issues, so our scumbag politicians were more than happy to go along with the British scumbag politicians in making sure that Rhodesia “got the spanking it deserved”.

            Damned sad because Rhodesia was potentially the country that could have changed the course of history (for the better) for all of southern Africa, if not the entire continent.

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                Bumping this to the top, because it’s worth it… and my 15 year old (3-year MVT alumni) son is starting this book series.

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