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        In this book, the author takes an analytical approach to modern asymmetric warfare, comparing high level tactics/organization/etc VS success from historical data.

        Author’s Description:

        Since the end of World War II, there have been 181 insurgencies around the world. In fact, most modern warfare occurs in the form of insurgencies, including in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Ukraine. In spite of their prevalence, however, we still know relatively little about how insurgencies function. With more than three dozen violent insurgencies taking place today, Seth G. Jones offers detailed insights into the dynamics and operations of such groups.

        This book talk will examine the history of insurgent warfare and discuss implications for today, particularly for such groups as the Islamic State. In Waging Insurgent Warfare, Jones brings together examples from current events and recent history to identify the factors that contribute to the rise of an insurgency, the key components involved in conducting an insurgency – from selecting an organizational structure to securing aid from an outside source – and the elements that contribute to the end of insurgencies. Through examining the strategies, tactics, and campaigns that insurgents use, as well as how these factors relate to each other on the ground, he offers a comprehensive understanding of the ways in which insurgent groups function.

        It covers many topics and does a good job of identifying trends and will briefly mention examples from history (that you could later dive deeper into).

        The book is a little dry, but I think it’s info is top notch and a great professional primer on the subject. I’d definitely recommend reading it (albiet in small doses haha).

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