BLM Marxists Pull Out AK47 Rifle

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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        This was part of the events where the McCloskey’s displayed guns to defend themselves.

        BLM Protesters Pull Out AK47 Rifle, Curse and Scream at Local KSDK Reporter During Mob Action at Mayor Krewson’s Home

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          Well yeah that’s funny that the media, which has been leading the charge to outlaw guns, is now admitting they have armed security guards to protect them from situations that they help create. And I’m sure they are totally oblivious to the irony.

          So let me get this straight, I should not have any guns in my house, or school, or place of business, etc. because that will make us all safer; but the media, and the government, and the entertainment industry all have armed security guards, because well, you need them, right?

          But the question is, what would you expect an armed BLM marxists to pull out? The rifle of the people, right? Is that your Russian collusion you’ve been looking for?

          Too funny when the media gets bit by a pet snake and then acts all surprised by it. Hash tag: what did you expect?

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            Yes, Diz, you must be disarmed so they can implement their political agenda. Things are moving forward now in Virginia and the Dems are going to vote on a statewide AWB.

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