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      Tony S

        Background: I’m doing the March HEAT 1 class. In prep for that since, at the time, I didn’t have any LBE to meet the magazine carry requirements, I purchased a Blue Force Gear 3-mag Ten-Speed pouch (along with a more standard 2-mag pouch with cover) to mount to my Blackhawk PC so that I’d at least be able to carry 5 mags on the PC.

        Mounting the pouch wasn’t an issue, but I’ve found that it’s incredibly tight. Putting mags into the pouch is a bit of a struggle, but worse is attempting to get them out when the PC is being worn. I would not want to be struggling to pull a mag out in training (let alone when my life is really on the line) like I am.

        Does anyone else have experience with these pouches? Do they loosen up a bit over time? Is there any way to accelerate that? Is there some trick to pulling these out that I’m not aware of, some twist of the wrist or something? Or am I just being a whiny little bitch about this and need to HTFU and deal with it?

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          They loosing up with use. If using standard GI magazines it isn’t much of an issuer in my experience, but Magpul or equivalent take a little longer due to nature of those magazines.

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          Tony S

            but Magpul or equivalent take a little longer due to nature of those magazines.

            Okay, that’s what I’m using so that explains it. Thanks for the feedback. Do you think if I store some in there for the next 2 weeks before class starts, it might loosen up enough or is that a pipe dream? At this point I’m not **too** worried about it because I did also order a JayJays’ commander LBE so I’ll have other spots to carry mags. But having invested in the BFG pouch, I do want to get it to the point where it’s usable, and I would like to test it during HEAT 1 if possible.

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            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

              Yes, storing magazines should fix tightness.

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                You can soak them with water (spray or dab on thoroughly) and put mags in and let it dry. They do loosen over time on their own, or can be accelerated by repeated inserts/draws (or just manually stretching the opening a hundred times). They need to be tight enough to maintain retention in the long run and therefore come extra tight. Mine are now to where I can do a tac-reload and the top stays open enough to replace the mag one-handed.

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                  As has been noted, just store the pouches loaded for the next couple weeks. Maybe for a few evenings between now and then do some inserts/draws with the pouch while watching Tv in the evening.

                  However…having had several of these products from BFG, I’ve honestly never gotten one quite as tight to draw as you are describing. And I use Pmags almost exclusively. It may just be my perception, but it also seems to me that yanking a mag out of a 10-speed pouch works better when the mag is loaded and heavy, not empty…YMMV
                  That being said, re-inserting a mag…yeah, you’re probably always going to have issues. Some people have had luck with their 10-speeds staying open enough after stretching for this to work, but I haven’t.
                  Again, YMMV
                  You may want to consider going with a proper open-topped, preferably kydex-insert or FB type pouch if “bumping up” your mags or reloads with re-insertion/retention is what you need.

                  However, there is also a side point I discovered over years of trying to find the “perfect” mag pouch;
                  Sometimes what is initially perceived as “to tight” under T&E is actually “just right” when the adrenaline starts pumping.
                  I would consider doing some basic stretching/break-in of your pouch without going haywire on it, and then just run it however it ends up at the class. That should give you a final yeah/nay on how it’s going to work for you. :good:

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