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        Nice video of Australians breaking contact after being ambushed.

        Much shouting of “Oi!” but all other dialog impossible to understand. Steyr AUGs and Vegemite sandwiches everywhere. Good bit at 15:30 of the squad leader formulating and relaying his plan for the break contact. Assault Platypus briefly visible at 23:17.

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          Good find!! :good:


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            Good find Dave.

            Some points of discussion/observation, I’ll first caveat with it’s hard to tell what’s really going on:

            -As usual, it’s tough to find the enemy. A concept that’s lost on the square rangers LOL

            -It appears the unit after making contact and putting down some fire had elements fall back to the irrigation ditch (“aquaduct”). As I was watching, I noticed the danger of enfilade fire if the enemy were to get into the ditch on either side. Sure enough, that’s exactly what the enemy did! Two flank security guys picked him up and it appears the shooter withdrew. Had that been a well trained, determined enemy squad (with a pkm), they could have gotten torn up. Same goes for skilled IDF, with how close they were together.

            -The ANA appeared to be tactical tourists (no surprise)

            -One of the sirs did a fairly good job of coming up with a quick plan and communicating it simply/quickly.

            -Notice how a significant amount of guys were hugging cover in the ditch, waiting for orders. At one point, one of the camera guys was urging his gunner to put down fire. This is why strong leadership at the small unit level is vital.

            -Clearing the buildings seemed a bit dodgy. A well placed enemy(s) likely could have been a major problem.

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