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        Forever GI Bill
        Howdy Veterans!
        Some of you already know where I work and that I periodically post here for things I think are important. There are A LOT of you Vets out there ( I know the exact number but can’t say :whistle: ) VA is about to implement the required changes in the next few weeks to support the Colmery act. This is a big deal and will take a ton of effort because the VA is a behemoth. If you were unaware of this change, please read the details at the above link. Remember, you earned these benefits with your service so please take advantage of them if you are eligible or able to.

        I will also take this opportunity to pimp out the upgraded main web site:
        Main Web Site
        It is much cleaner and more user friendly. As I have said before here, if the VA pissed you off in the past, please give us another try. You can PM me if you get jacked up by the technology, but I cannot help with the bureaucracy.

        Also here is the link to obtain a Veteran ID card: Veteran ID Card

        One member on this forum used his ID card to save enough in discounted services over the course of a family weekend vacation to buy a thousand rounds of training ammo. These discounts offered to you for you service by various businesses can really add up and make a difference in your life. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I will be up at the VTC this weekend looking to shoot some of you in the face (I won’t aim at your face…. unless that is all I see!)

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