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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          Great to here that one.

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            LET is a rank & file publication (with a heavy conservative slant) Watch what the state chapter of the IACP has to say. The IACP is the Chiefs and upwardly-bound asskissers club. These are the attendees of FBI “Leadership” courses and have been thoroughly indoctrinated. Then you can prioritize your targets!

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              Excellent article. Events here in Va are getting a lot more attention then I anticipated. Lets hope its not a flash in the pan.

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              joe dirt

                is there also an organized legal challenge being planned for these invalid laws that they are threatening to pass. I would expect this to take a path much like the anti abortion law here in Alabama where the day the law is signed a legal challenge is filed and implementation of the law is enjoined while the legal challenge works its way through the court system, which should buy at least a couple years before enforcement begins and hopefully it will get struck down by the supreme court and never be enforced. Of course you can’t count on the courts for shit these days so I’m glad to see this grass roots opposition being prepared in case the courts betray the constitution again.

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