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        Or affiliated with them at all?

        Was just looking to see what militias are listed in TN, and came across their website.

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          just starting to check your link.

          After a 5 min perusal ( I know not really enough):

          The one tactical teaching scenario I read seemed a bit contrived.. but then again, that’s pretty common for folks trying to set up a teaching point.

          I could easily find some other nits to pick like some tacticoolishness lingo (“SpecOps” this, “SpecOps” that) all that aside but…. clearly they seem a significant cut above a lot of other outfits, if their well organized, content rich and serious website is any indication at all.

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          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

            New to me; some of their articles I have a background in, will reply when I’ve had a chance to read more in depth.

            Not really what I think you are looking for answer wise, but the best I can offer. Maybe someone else will have more information.

            Edited to add:
            Most recent articles are from October 2014. Some of the language is a bit off from reality in my opinion.

            National Militia – SITREP
            Posted on 04/25/2013 by CMF Contributor

            CMF has made much progress in our efforts, we have actively organized over three-hundred national members in less than 6 months. Our numbers are growing but not as fast as we need them to. All regional commands must be at battalion level before the year 2014. Bold added for emphasis.

            Battalion level? :wacko:

            Not looking good, but will look a little more.

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              IMO militia equals clown show, yet more magic thinking. About the only thing I have seen that I would seriously thinking of attending is the Georgia Force on Force get togethers, where it seems you can actually train and network without some doofus political spiel.

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                ok come on fellas,

                Lets not nitpick some dudes who are obviously serious.
                Their website hasnt been recently updated and contains some grandiose statements. So what?

                We are nothing without tribe.
                Find your tribe.

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                Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                  Well I have no preconceptions about Militia, however any group or organization needs to be vetted before any participation with it, in my opinion.

                  Lets not nitpick some dudes who are obviously serious.
                  Their website hasnt been recently updated and contains some grandiose statements. So what?

                  Grandiose statements are a serious issue for me, it’s speaks volumes for the true character of the individuals making them. I have no time for the delusions of people, however well intentioned.

                  …battalion level before the year 2014.

                  Many of us are very serious, yet most of us have a realistic issue with building even a Squad, yet this CMF talks of of building Regional Battalions! Really?

                  Consider the following:

                  CMF Militia Chain of Command

                  All branches of the civic militarized forces are to adhere to the CMF Rules of Engagement, Code of Conduct, and are given their operational powers by the second amendment of the United States Constitution. Any acts to repress our constitutional rights will be treated as an aggressive action with an adverse response. During natural disasters and foreign attacks, usCROW-CMF can operate in conjunction with state officials when not in conflict with usCrow Guidelines.

         was founded by one individual and through a grass roots campaign with social networks and local assets formed the fastest growing militia in America while establishing the site as a unique survival and defense entity. This administration of command was established by the founder for CMF Militia Operations:

                  CMF Contributor – Runik L.
                  Website Administrator – Weston P
                  Website Administrator – Michael
                  CMF Militia Assistant Administrator – CSM Brian B.

                  Administration’s CMF Role

                  CMF Militia Administration does not command regions. Regions are solely commanded by Regional Commanders. Operations are set forth and carried out by interstate commanders. Administration provides autonomous directing of personnel and enlistments while outlining standard operating procedures and guidelines. Command resides in the states.

                  CMF Militia Commanders

                  CMF Regional Commands are established as enlistments reach quotes and apportioned in accordance to manpower in three primary national regions; West, Central, East, with four regional commanders per region who unanimously decide on personnel training, high-risk combat missions and operations. These commanders ultimately form the united consensus of command. Regional organization explained:
                  PMCOM – Pacific Militia Command

                  Sierra Nevada Command – Nevada – Command Established
                  West Mountain Division – Washington, Oregon, Idaho – Command Established

                  CMC – Central Militia Command

                  Central Tundra Command – Wyoming, Montana, Utah, South Dakota, Colorado – Command Established
                  Armex – Arizona, New Mexico, California – Command Established

                  MIDCOM -Midwestern Militia Command

                  Northern Command – North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin
                  Texstar – Texas – Command Established
                  Rebel Regulator Command – Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi
                  Central Valley Command – Missouri, Illinois, Iowa – Command Established
                  Central Regional Command – Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas

                  ATCOM – Atlantic Command

                  2nd Atlantic Command – Florida, Georgia, Alabama – Command Established
                  2nd Mountain Division – Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky – Command Established
                  51st Mountain Division – South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia
                  2nd Northern Command – New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Massachusetts
                  1st Battle Command – Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania
                  Residential Regulators – Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey – Command Established


                  The usCrow Reaper Unit consists of highly trained retired and active US Armed Forces members, and highly trained freelance operatives specializing in unconventional warfare. Reapers are charged with the high risk but critical operations utilizing unconventional warfare methodology. Reapers are expected to demonstrate advanced skills, knowledge, and courage as an example to other civic forces.

                  CSC – Crow Sentinel Command

                  CSC Operatives are trained in their native surroundings and are expected to defend their communities against attempted seizures of farm lands, refineries, natural resources, and against any hostile attack until CMF battalions can provide support. This role is assigned to those not suitable for active combat roles.

                  Just seems like a nice web presence, but little substance. Would be happy to be proven wrong.

                  All of these attempts to build from the top down seem like the wrong approach to me. I believe success will come from the bottom up with the grassroots Local, State, and then finally National.

                  We are nothing without tribe.
                  Find your tribe.


                  I just think a local tribe is the first step.

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                    I know I’m about 3 weeks too late to chime in here, but here goes.

                    I found this group early last year and was interested in their presence and also their stated goals. I emailed them to ask about my local chapter. I failed to get a response. I emailed another available email address and again failed to get a response.

                    I liked a lot about the website and the available info. Some of their anti-armor articles were some of the nicest I had read until then. However, it looks like grandiose plans were all that there was and now it appears to be a “ghost-town” with no updates and little movement in months. It’s difficult to update and maintain any sizable web presence so yet another reason why MVT gets a big gold star.

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                      I’m sorry…. any time some organization like this starts going way over the top with “mid-com” this and “Cent-Com” that and “commander X” nonsense, or making up goofy nicknames for their “elite” units or whatever, I find my legs automatically beginning to propel me in the opposite direction at speed.
                      Shit, I could start a “nationwide” militia from my keyboard right now, “raise” a few battalions and name a few tacticool units, post up standards to join, and called each regional command “established” if I get one other person on the internet in that area to sign on.

                      That being said… I have heard of US Crow before, so I’ll leave it to those that know to say whether the articles themselves are of any worth.

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                        I’d have to agree; it appears the effort has been more on organizing on a national scale rather than careful grass roots building.

                        Not dissuade them, perhaps re-direct their efforts though. Bearing in mind you’re already in an unconventional warfare setting, organizing along conventional military lines just plays to your enemy’s strength. You don’t want to line up for exchange of volleys of the village green.

                        I don’t know if that’s a play legitimacy or what. Cloaking yourself with the militia title and all the military trappings. But I just get the feeling it isn’t going to matter if you have matching cammies and “2d Mass” patches, you will still be treated like homeland terrorists by the fedgoons.

                        I’m sorry to keep capping on these youngs guys, but this whole deal just sounds like some mil-sim fantasy. When I got to the reaper part I just had to roll my eyes. I mean youthful enthusiasm if all well and good, but it needs to be grounded in reality as well.

                        But on the bright side, I think this could cause the director of homeland security to have some heart burn. As a pysch-ops ploy to take the heat of the real deal guys, it would be a nice bit of subterfuge..

                        Think about it guys. Are you going to trust your life to a group recruiting openly on the internet? Give that a good think. Or do you think it might be a good idea to quietly put out feelers within your community and see if you are contacted. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be in any group where I didn’t know at least one guy I’d bet my life on, preferably more. From the range. From training classes. From church. There’s a reason it’s called the underground. Not because it’s a kid in mamm’a basement. Sorry couldn’t help myself.

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                          You guys all pretty well encapsulated my thinking on this…

                          Thanks for the input.

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