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        Now whilst in UW if you’ve encountered armour I’m sure something has gone incredibly wrong however it’s always a good idea to know how to at least try to fight it, right?

        Whilst I was browsing youtube I happened upon this video titled “how to fight the soviet T-64 and T-72”:

        Video isn’t the best quality but it gets point over, it also goes over the M60 vs T-62 showing you just how dated it is B-)

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          If you find yourself amongst a tank infestation you definitely slept in with the snooze alarm instead of bugging out with the early birds. The smart money is never wasted betting on those who do not hit the tanks fuel RESUPPLY for these dragons are thirsty animals, and besides fuel trucks are softer and squishier than the tank itself. But if ones balls are bigger than their brains, they better know every detail of how the tank works, the tanks blind spots, the tanks weapon dead zones, its dimensions, weight, fuel capacity, ammunition capacity for all weapons, the radio frequencies the crew is using, basically every minute detail, because that’s where the Devil is and you are going to need his help. If a tank were a chess piece, it would be the rook. Tanks can be broken with proper application of PREPARED and PRE-POSITIONED devices. You cant drag about a 35-55 gallon fougasse ( and if you are sporting a home-built flamethrower ( you are a slow moving bullet magnet.
          EFP’s ( of useful size are heavy and would need to be mobile, such as mounted in a wheel barrow, so as to adapt to the direction the tank is moving. I imagine it would be quite a headache trying to find these home-built, single shot, 300mm anti-tank cannons set up to fire from 4 blocks away, perpendicular to the street you’re driving your tank on. I’ll let better imaginations work out the details. The point is tanks can only be broken intentionally.
          Does it mean the end of the world if one shows up? No. Tanks are used to smash and over run fixed targets. Dont be a fixed target unless you really mean it.

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