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        I keep getting hit up from a multitude of different sources with all of the stuff that comes out of QAnon. It’s not something that I follow or have really been aware of until now.

        All I will say is, I just fucking hope there is some truth to all this shit! Now that you are probably at home in quarantine, you have some time to research this.

        There is all sorts as part of the rumor: arresting and removing the evil class of corruption and pedos. Bringing about a new economic system. No more taxes except sales and luxury tax.

        Just give me my moment of fevered quarantine dreams to hope that this shit could possibly be true. This stuff is huge, but I found a couple of intro videos on YouTube:

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          X22 Report – It’s Time To Unveil The True Enemy Of The People, Shutdown, Messages Received – Episode 2123b

          Start this one at 18:00. Pretty interesting

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          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

            I do not follow this in detail now, but have in the past, however there is just enough correct information that is not commonly known to add some credibility.

            That said, there is also insufficient evidence to reveal QAnon’s true agenda. Several possibilities exist from good to bad.

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              Yeah, Just got sent this video yesterday as well…….. Interesting, would be great if they do arrest all those evil bastards. We’ll see what happens……..

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                QAnon claims the existence of a cabal of underground Satanic pedophiles directing all world affairs, it’s reads like a de-Semiticized take on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

                I severely disagree with the John Mark identitarian shit that was also being discussed here a while back but I could at very minimum see the threads of truth tied into it that got people listening to it. I don’t see enough hard evidence at all for anyone except the most diehard conspiracy theory Alex Jones types to take QAnon seriously. QAnon has made a number of claims in the past that have failed to materialize or were contradicted by Trump’s repeated falling out with purported members of his secret inner circle.

                The best conspiracies have enough truth to convince folks to follow it into the bullshit, then whichever actor made the psyop can reveal all the goofiness the target person(s) has now accepted as fact based on their initial embrace of the “bait” information. I feel the QAnon conspiracy could very well be a tool to distract and discredit conservatives and Trump supporters, either by pranksters, which is very possible considering this started on 4chan, or (more conspiratorially) by any group that might have a real, less dramatic agenda. Better for folks to get arrested and losing their rights for shooting up a pizza joint in search of a non-existent child sex dungeon than holding out for a boogaloo.

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                  Came across that stuff a couple years ago, starting with this popular vid:

                  Here is an archive of the actual Q messages: — best to separate the signal from the noise by looking at the primary sources vs reinterpretations by others.

                  Overall, looks like a pro-MAGA psyop run by a couple people in the Trump administration.

                  Maybe it’s pushing an exaggerated fantasy to whip up fanatical support among the grassroots.

                  Or may, as Q claims, it’s a public service to cryptically guide researchers into realizing for themselves what can’t be stated openly for national security reasons. :unsure:

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