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        I do not know who wrote this. Copied:

        This is a great read. Found on a members only site:

        As I sat and watched the animal cages go up around the People’s seat of Government in Virginia, I sat and pondered what is the outcome? What is the response? What does this mean to be a Virginian? A United States citizen? A Constitutionalist?
        Then, I found this open letter. The answers are in it.

        “An open letter to the Honorable Governor Northam, Attorney General Herring, and the distinguished men and women of the Virginia General Assembly

        First, we thank you for teaching every Virginian a valuable civic duty lesson; that voting has real-world consequences. Constituents of all walks of life had become complacent, and negligent in their duty to exercise their right to vote. This is a lesson that will not be forgotten, where a passionate reawakening of civic duty ought to be expected, as seen by the people in more than 95% of the counties, joined by numerous cities and towns throughout the Commonwealth as demonstrated by the recent second amendment sanctuary movement.

        The penalties for this complacency appear dire for every citizen of the Commonwealth. Dozens of proposed bills, if passed, will dismantle the very core of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, and the Declaration of Rights for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

        For some constituents, the passing of these bills is a desired outcome. For others, it is an affront to their liberty. Though individuals that form your constituency may, or may not, have voted for you, you are still required to protect the civil rights of all citizens, both in the minority and the majority. The arguments for passing these laws, bloviate myriad justifications for their passage. Opponents of these bills will likewise appeal to your sense of patriotism and commitment to upholding the constitution.

        However may we, the average citizen, offer a different point of view?

        The United States is a republic. Checks and balances were put in place at its founding for all bodies of state and federal governments. The congress is a check against the power of the executive branch, the judicial branch is a check against the laws passed by the congressional branch and the executive branch ad infinitum. All of these checks create a system of balances that protect minorities, as well as move forward the will of the people, even when all branches of the state or federal government are voted a party majority for a time.

        What is at issue is the failure of this current Virginia General Assembly to recognize the fourth check and balance: the citizens themselves. Common people are required to offer a final line of defense of the US Bill of Rights, which was put to pen to enumerate and protect the people from their own government. Likewise, the Virginia Bill of Rights clearly states that “all power is vested in, and consequently derived from, the people”. Further affirmation that We, the People, are governed by consent, not ruled.

        The chief tools of the people to keep the balance, and the peace, are provided by the Bill of Rights and are plainly laid out in the first and second amendments of the US Constitution. The people may use the force of words, or as a last resort, the force of arms, to uphold the preservation of their individual freedoms and liberties. For it is not only their right but their duty.

        These principles have been applied to scenarios large and small over the centuries, including the Selma Alabama March, and the Battle of Athens Tennessee. Both events are still echoing in the memories of the elders of our nation.

        In closing, to attempt disarmament of the people, in any way, therefore is an affront to the core civil rights of the people of the Commonwealth. As such, these people, Virginians all, are required, by duty, to act as a final check on the overreach of the legislative and executive branch of Virginia, to preserve a natural balance; To ensure the preservation of civil rights, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Hindrance, prohibition, or any other means of obstruction of, or to, the ability for the people to do this is not only unjust, it serves to further embolden the people.

        We the People have become emboldened because we are in the right, in both spirit and letter of the supreme law of the United States. We are acting lawfully, no matter what declarations are made from your offices, or attempts to intimidate the people by use of force. Therefore, we demand that all of the bills against the second amendment be withdrawn, and that Governor Northam and AG Herring resign office immediately. Otherwise, we are lawfully required to assemble and act as the fourth branch of government to protect our own collective civil rights, no matter the cost.

        Respectfully and Honorably
        We the People of Virginia”

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          Damn good letter!

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            Agreed, eloquence with a purpose.

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              I agree with everything in his letter ….except his reference to “civil rights”. There is no such thing as “civil rights”. There are only natural rights, and those are life, liberty, and property.

              “Civil rights” are privileges granted by government. And we know what can happen to those.


              Words have meaning. Lets use the right ones.

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