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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        This will be an emergency communications training exercise for AmRRON members with emphasis on Amateur Radio for use during emergency/disaster situations.

        Even if your not part of AmRRON, monitoring and following along could be of value.

        WHAT IS T-REX?

        It is a nationwide scenario-based disaster preparedness exercise where we simulate that a catastrophic event has caused disruptions and/or failures in conventional services, such as the Power grid, Internet, Telecommunications, Transportation, etc.

        It is a chance for you, your family, your group or team, or your organization to practice your emergency preparedness plan, and respond as though it were real.

        Most importantly, it is an emergency communications exercise, where AmRRON operators across the country and elsewhere practice tuning in and listening for information and developments, reporting what’s happening in their area, and helping others get radio traffic passed across the network using unconventional communications — mostly Amateur Radio and the most popular digital modes.


        This year we will be simulating a major seismic event, which will actually be TWO catastrophic earthquakes in different parts of the country, three hours apart.

        At Noon Pacific time (1900hrs Zulu) the first, 9.1 earthquake strikes off the Pacific coast, followed by a devastating tsunami. This is known as the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Scientists claim we are overdue for a major event on the CSZ and that it is only a matter of when, not if. Power, internet, and telecommunications are lost to the western United States.

        At 1700hrs – 5pm – (2200hrs Zulu) the second, 9.2 earthquake strikes in the New Madrid Subduction Zone in eastern Missouri. Power, internet, and telecommunications are lost to the remainder of the United States and two thirds of Canada.

        WHAT DO YOU DO?

        Plunge yourself into darkness:

        Depending on where you are located, turn your cell phone, internet, electricity, etc. off at the time the earthquake occurs (west of Mississippi River = Noon Pacific -or- east of the Mississippi = 5pm Central) aka. 1900Z and 2200z respectively. Most of us have freezers, etc. that we can’t turn off. That’s fine, just don’t use lights, internet, or traditional cooking appliances. Get that dutch oven out, the Coleman lantern, and those two-way radios.

        Tune in:

        You need to know what’s going on. What is the size and scope the the event? Where is the damage concentrated? What secondary safety hazards have been produced from the disaster? What escape routes are available or closed? Where and when is relief coming? How can I check on my loved ones hundreds of miles away?

        Heavy emphasis is placed on emergency communications. Get out your radio and your AmRRON SOI (Signals Operating Instructions) and tune in to the AmRRON Nets.

        Stay Informed:

        With your SOI open and your radio tuned in, you’re almost ready to begin receiving information. However, due to poor band conditions produced by the solar cycle we’re in (and will be for years) most information will be sent using the more robust and reliable digital modes. The software is free to download and there are several articles that will walk you through, step-by-step, how to receive digital mode (text and forms) communications, such as , etc, all available at the AmRRON FORMS page.

        Inform Others:

        Net Control operators will be expecting everyone to send in County STATREPs (Status Reports). This helps others with their situational awareness about the size and scope of the disaster when they learn how others in the network are affected. The STATREP includes valuable information such as: Location, time, siesmic damage, and possibly radioactivity if the reporting station has radiological reporting capabilities.

        You need to let others know if you have power, water, communications, medical services, etc., and whether the roads are passable, and the extent of damages to each of those services. The County STATREP is a fundamentally important report that you should have in your comms binder as well as your digital comms flmsg custom forms folder in your NBEMS folder.

        It is also available as a downloadable, printable PDF that you can use to give a STATREP over the air using voice modes.


        Since this is an earthquake scenario, you will use the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale reporting standard, which is used to report the effects (felt and observed) and damage from an earthquake, or even a major explosion.

        That is the information you will also place in Line 8 of the County STATREP before sending in your report.

        You will also simulate that your basic services have been disrupted, and reflect that in the utilities and services portion of the STATREP.


        Excellent question! We have the answer!

        If you live in the central or eastern US, use the map below to determine what affect were (will be) felt at your location. Use that to determine what Intensity Scale to report. CLOSE COUNTS. Don’t stress out over it if you’re on a line:

        The west coast is a bit more complicated, as the Subduction Zone extends hundreds of miles and all of it can (and likely will) break free at once. So, look at the map below and use the scale created below the map:

        Using the coast as your beginning point, determine how far you are from the Cascadia Subduction Zone (you know where you live and how close you are from the CSZ than we do). Use the chart below to determine what intensity scale to report.

        Miles Intensity

        *10 11

        10-25 10

        25-50 9

        50-75 8

        75-100 7

        100-150 6

        150-200 5

        200-250 4

        250-350 3

        350-400 2

        400-500 1

        500 0

        *Follow-on tsunami. If you don’t bug out in 20 minutes you’re dead. Sorry, you should move to the American Redoubt soon, and be glad this was only simulated.

        Watch the T-REX 2016 Promo Video below!
        …………….and stand by for more to follow!
        We are looking forward to T-REX 2017!

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          “…most information will be sent using the more robust and reliable digital modes. The software is free to download and there are several articles that will walk you through, step-by-step, how to receive digital modes…”

          This can be done with a shortwave receiver(Edit:Must support SSB) and a laptop connected with a stereo 1/8 cable audio out on the radio to audio in ( pref) or Mic in on your laptop. Use your google fu. Having the male to male cable is key.
          You might have one from audio out to car stereo audio in from your MP3 player…

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          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

            If you really want to test your preparedness as you follow along, take it to the next level.

            This could be an excellent opportunity.

            For example: If the “Grid” goes down in the exercise, throw your main switch to off and see how your preparations handle being with out power.

            Realistic training is needed to truly flesh out your systems.

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            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

              This can be done with a shortwave receiver and a laptop…

              Exactly! :good:

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                  Great info and thanks for posting the fldigi tutorials @SeanT I need to go back through these. I started getting into them and then moved so still unpacking gear and getting set back up. I am still a n00b when it comes to ham but I am learning a ton and enjoying it so far. It can be overwhelming but stick with it an if anyone has questions don’t be afraid to ask here.

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                  Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                    Fictional build up to exercise start.

                    Increase in Earthquake Activity at Mount St. Helens Concern Scientists
                    Redoubt News Network, July 28, 2017

                    ///// Exercise, Exercise, Exercise /////

                    37 years after the catastrophic eruption of Mount St. Helens on May 18, 1980, scientists are concerned the shattered volcano is “recharging” for another eruption. Scientists at the US Geological Society (USGS) are monitoring this week’s marked increase in earthquake activity under the volcano and now with reports as far north as Mount Baker.

                    Geologist Rich Soil from the USGS explained that most of the earthquake activity consists of minor tremors too weak for people to notice. However, he noted, several ongoing earthquakes large enough to rattle windows and nerves as far north as Everett are keeping the phone ringing from concerned citizens.

                    Soil explained that these clusters of earthquakes are not anything to worry about. Nevertheless, he did admit the increased volume of earthquakes in the past few days is very unusual. “We are monitoring the situation”, Soil stated.

                    ///// Exercise, Exercise, Exercise /////

                    Make sure you have a copy of the Communications S.O.I. for T-REX 2017!

                    I encourage participating within your home or group, active involvement is preferred, but even tabletop has value.

                    Note: You do not need to be a AmRRON member (I am not, though I do have their Communications S.O.I.) to utilize this opportunity.

                    I do believe their Communications S.O.I. is a worthwhile addition as there is no need to reinvent the wheel of their efforts regarding outside contacts.

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                    Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                      Continued exercise start build up.

                      Greece Declares “Bank Holiday”
                      Redoubt News Network, July 29, 2017

                      ///// Exercise, Exercise, Exercise /////

                      Following on the heels of another failed round of austerity measures implemented in May, Greece’s government announced this morning all banks will be closed on Monday until further notice in order to conduct “an orderly restructuring of its €226.36 billion in debt”.

                      All 153 deputies in Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ left-led coalition backed the bank closure decree. Most opposition lawmakers present in the 300-member parliament stood against the measures in a vote just before midnight.

                      “The people of Greece have suffered enough,” Tsipras said after the vote. “I urge all citizens to have patience while we work out the details of this restructuring. But don’t worry, your savings are safe and will soon be available once again.”

                      ///// Exercise, Exercise, Exercise /////

                      Make sure you have a copy of the Communications S.O.I. for T-REX 2017!

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                        I do believe their Communications S.O.I. is a worthwhile addition as there is no need to reinvent the wheel of their efforts regarding outside contacts.

                        I have the SOI from a couple years ago, it is worth the 6 bux I think it was simply for the format alone.

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                        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                          I have the SOI from a couple years ago, it is worth the 6 bux I think it was simply for the format alone.

                          As SeanT states the format is helpful.

                          My primary reason for promoting it is with the goal of making it a “universal method” to establish Comms with groups that you have never met or while traveling.

                          In a “Post-Event” situation there will be groups that you have never heard of coming out or being established.

                          Initial contact by radio goes a long way to prevent the other kind of “Contact” that could create unintended consequences.

                          We won’t be operating in a bubble and accidentally patrolling into someone else’s retreat is a recipe for disaster.

                          Not to mention establishing possible trade with other groups.

                          Your group should most likely have it’s own internal Comm plan separate from AmRRON’s IMHO.

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                            are you work HF yet? if you are let me know I scan though the 7 MZ every morning heading to work and on the way home


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                              @Keeper trying to get something more permanent setup antenna wise but if nothing else will have the same setup we did at the CLC huts and seeing how that goes.

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