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        Dear leftist inhabitants of America,
        I think we both need to admit that this isn’t working :( I swear I tried. I bent on things that really I shouldn’t have. I did my best to give you time to come around to things. I allowed far too many lives to be ended or ruined in the process and for that I am truly sorry. I am sick to my stomach thinking about how many babies I let you murder as they hid in the bellies of their mothers. I’m sorry because I was naive and gullible. I thought I could live my own life and allow you to do whatever it was you were doing in the shadows. While I was away working, building, growing, you were deceptive, you were dishonest, you were plotting against me. It hurts because we were a family, we were supposed to be there for each other, and you were just plotting and planning for what you were going to do to ruin all we had. We fought off intruders for centuries, and we ALWAYS won! The world feared us, while at the same time we had their respect because we accomplished all we did while following the rules. But you just had to break it, you had to let the whispers you were hearing from your friends change your ideals. And for all that, I am now forced to end this right here, right now.
        As far as the details go, you can have your stuff and I’ll take mine. You have spent lots of time and ENORMOUS amounts of our money building your mega-cities and your HUGE support systems for them, so those are yours, I don’t want them. It’s sad because they sit on some pretty amazing pieces of land, but I have so many other great places to enjoy nature and it’s beauty. I have amazing monuments that remind me of the Great and not so great things from our past. But I’m ok with the not so great reminders, because they are there to help me make the right choice in the future when presented with that choice. So those are yours, I’m ok with that. And I will keep my small to mid sized communities, the ones with a few schools and churches peppered amongst the homes, small businesses, and farms. Speaking of our community schools, I am going to bring them back to the great places they used to be. Where kids could learn all they needed which will certainly include how their country and their beliefs are more important than any formula or useless fact. We will again start our day reminding our little ones that the flag is a symbol of so many great things, and we will teach them to respect that flag and those who wear it. And by the way, my schools will have two bathrooms, one for little boys, and one for little girls, because those are the only two types of people God created. So we’ll split all that stuff up, but of course we can still come by and visit each other, we’re not going to be keeping a toothbrush at each other’s place anymore, if we come through to visit or do business that is fine but other than that we are separate and it will stay that way.
        I think bad to the times when we built this country, you know with The Constitution, we planned for things that just weren’t even fathomable at the time, but somehow we built a document that accommodated all the change we have seen! You always wanted to treat it like it was a “guideline” or tell me it was a “living document” and for some reason I allowed that talk to happen, ugh, I was so naive. For all we did plan for, we did’nt plan for all the nonsense you tried to inject into our lives. We knew we would need a few large scale “federal” establishments to keep us safe from enemies abroad, and going forward I will maintain those limited but necessary organizations. But for many decades you have had your eye on tearing up the words our republic was built on, and it’s time to build a wall around those beliefs and get back to the basics. I know the idea of walls is a sensitive one for you (but you always seem to build them around the areas you and your closest friends lived for some reason). I’ve always been fine with the basics, you were the one that needed to make things complicated, always trying to do favors for your rich friends, the ones I was always suspicious of, and by the way, you never had me fooled, I knew you were engaging in activities with them behind my back, but it is my nature to let people do what they are going to do, because I know in the end the right thing always happens, and that is what we’re doing now, we are breaking this off and getting to the “right” place.
        There are a few details we need to work out though. Your friends…. because we are going to be living right next to each other in many instances, we need to be clear that we don’t need your drama bleeding over into our lives anymore. That means if you choose to entertain people from out of town, the people that have always be working to tear us apart and break this wonderful thing we built apart, if you choose to keep them around just know that I reserve the right to come over anytime I see fit and physically remove them if they become a threat. Just because you allow some piece of trash to sit in your front yard and throw stones at me, don’t think I will allow it and that they will be safe. I will walk right over and put them down on the spot, I don’t care if they are in your yard or mine. I believe in protecting my people and I will do so anytime I see fit. Also, money….. we use the same money and that will probably continue, but just know, we are not longer living on credit cards, we are not going to create money out of thin air just because you feel you need some new gadget, or because some of your friends have “fallen on hard times” (or…don’t feel like working you mean) you can do what you want with the money you have, but you will not bankrupt me with your stupid spending habits and supporting all those deadbeats you live with. When you run out or need to buy food from those small farming communities that you resent so much, I’m not giving you a loan or any freebies. As you know, I have never believed in that.
        There is obviously a lot more we will need to work out, but for now the basics are pretty simple I think. First, it’s over, leave and don’t come back. Second, you can do what you want with your enclaves, as long as what is happening there doesn’t hurt me or mine, when it does I will send friends and they will fix that problem and quickly return home. Finally, do what you want with your finances, ill spend money as it’s earned and you can continue to blow yours and go to the payday loan store all you want because it’s no longer my problem. We gave it a shot, I often wonder why I waited so long, but I feel free and refreshed again. I can wear my colors and my beliefs on my sleeve again. I have hope for the future again, I feel like this has a chance and that I will return to the glory I once had. Maybe I’ll see you around, but if I don’t, that’s fine too. Good bye

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        Tony S


          Don’t we just WISH it was that easy!

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            I do a quote of the day on FB every day.
            Here is today’s:

            Charity is no part of the legislative duty of the government.

            James Madison

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