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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)


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          This was very hard to watch without break the computer screen.

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          D Close

            Interesting indeed. Ironic how the Left is so obsessed with Russia. Deflection? Workers World Party:


            note the connections to Weather and BLA! These are the same folks! What is it about Chicago? They support North Korea too.

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              Chicago is the original home of the American Communist Party (1919). It still has a substantial ComParty USA presence, and is home to several offshoots (New Black Panthers, Revolution Club Chicago, and the Revolutionary Communist Party USA). Those are just a few of the groups. Chicago breeds them like the plague.

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              Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                It certainly seems to confirm my use of Socialist to describe them! ;-)

                Chicago is the original home…

                A real den of dirt bags.

                This was very hard to watch without break the computer screen.

                Yea, but worth knowing. :yes:

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                  Honestly…. I can’t say I’m surprised at all.

                  You know, there’s no real stopping whatever’s going to happen at this point. It’s just a massive game of Othello- turn as many pieces as you can to your side until you run out of moves.

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                    I live 5 minutes from a university in Michigan. Not the the U of M. In their honors college building foyer, where the best and brightest are indoctrinated, is a 3foot by 5foot portrait of Mao.

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                      I live 5 minutes from a university in Michigan. Not the the U of M. In their honors college building foyer, where the best and brightest are indoctrinated, is a 3foot by 5foot portrait of Mao.

                      I didn’t know you were a troll.
                      Me,I am from Marshall

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                        Commentary from Matt Bracken:

                        Folks, don’t miss the video by Trevor Loudon I sent earlier and I’ll resend now. I consider my you my patriot brothers, and I consider this a very serious and possibly rapidly escalating situation.

                        Seriously, please study this video closely.

                        If you want to pass along any of this missive, fine by me.

                        I see January 2017 as a 1969 repeat in many ways. After 1968 and RFK/MLK, LBJ failed to hand off to HHH, and when RMN was elected, Mr. Ayers went from SDS to WU. Now with DJT instead of HRC, the same shift is happening, I have no doubt. This video is a rogues gallery, all kudos to O’Keefe, Loudon, Vadum and others in the production. This is the yardstick for an effective documentary. Perhaps after 1-20 the feds will start to do this work, instead of only private concerned citizens.

                        What you will see in this video convinces me that this stage can only lead to social media phoenix programs (virtual and kinetic) breaking out in every direction, left, right and even many false-flag misdirections. I am reminded of Baader Meinhoff or Red Brigades or Montoneros/ERP in Argentina into the 70s. A similar social upheaval to dirty war progression happened in Ulster 60s to 70s.

                        In ALL of these cases, there were also many examples of govt sponsored/sheep-dipped false flag discrediting ops (Kitson’s “gangs and counter-gangs” in Ulster), but in almost every case this was not known at the time. All “wilderness of mirrors” rules apply going forward.

                        This is a classic progression, and the early stages are laid bare to the bone in this Trevor Loudon video. This could be called the prequel to CW2. The current clarion signal is so loud and clear a blind man can’t miss it. I wish that Trump, Flynn, etc. would see this video and some others, from GOV and Vlad also. This film is a crystal ball for what happens next, count on it. I hope that Trump has at least this level of true actionable intel on our domestic traitor enemies, but I don’t know, coming off of Obama/Brennan et al who helped to conceal the treason.

                        The difference between now and 68-70s is social media and new media. The fact that communist terrorists are meeting in places like the church hall of a major Episcopal church near DC could have been kept secret in the old days, but not now. O’Keefe and this videographer prove that they can’t keep this type of meeting a secret, but can the “old media” ignore, embargo and shut out these connections? Will Fox cover it? Hannity? Rush? Breitbart? ABCNNBCBS, NYT, WaPo?

                        The new media are the difference this time between now and the various old dirty wars. In those days the commie clergy hosting the commie J20 meeting would not be exposed as such after he was offed by a freelance phoenix operator. He would have been a martyr instead, with a state funeral. But now, we can expose these traitors root and branch, and make everybody connected with any of them a pariah. Note that Bob Creamer continued to accompany HRC and DNC functions even after his “on paper” dismissal, so we are not being effective yet. BC should be notorious, along with the commie clergy traitor and all the rest of these folks. (Interestingly, note the yellow-black posters behind Creamer, and the same yellow black posters seen at all WWP events.)

                        If we don’t get ahead of this using our new/social media tools, history will repeat in an ugly way, and we will be nominated as the bad guys when a social media PHX program breaks out. (It will, I regretfully predict.) It’s all up to us on new/social media to get this and other documentaries out, and get ahead of the kinetic phase. Once it goes kinetic, it’s hard to say if we will be able to stay ahead of the curve on true media reportage.

                        The Argentine military didn’t just decide one day to hate sweet lefty profs. There was a terror campaign from the Left, targetted assassinations mostly, by bullet and bomb. The Dirty War was a counterattack that might have gone crazy or not, depending on whose history you read. Ditto Chile/Pinochet, but they elected a communist so the dirty war turned the opposite corner to the same place.

                        Anyway, I put probabiltity of Weather Underground actions as extremely high, as this generation’s Bill Ayers wannabes go underground and kinetic. As they shy away from large meetings that are exposed by hidden camera, (or the FBI in cointelpro/HUAC days) they will break into secret sub-units of only old known comrades, turn super paranoid in semi-hiding, and plot kinetic actions. This is how it works, folks, it’s a new syndrome as clearly understandable today as Stockholm Syndrome, which did not have a name in 1968. Maybe we can name this new syndrome.

                        And we see already that Lefty American-hating radicals will gladly collaborate with the Muslim Brotherhood America-hating radicals via MB front groups on campus, CAIR, etc.. “Communist/Islamist intersectionality” or whatever they term it – all united in their hate of America and eagerness to destroy it.

                        Today we saw Madonna and other celebs “virtue signalling” to unhappy snowflakes that it’s time to start making bombs. She said it, others will do it. My point is, stay frosty, take names, and remember, they might will have their own lists.

                        And remember, a new twist: the FLEAs have been hiring only SJWs committed to subverting the Constitution for the last 8 or more years. So don’t trust anyone under maybe 35 with a fed credential. They might be co-reporting to the folks in the communist church basement, or to Bob Creamer, who is still working for the same team even post DNC/HRC. Think Sinn Fein and PIRA, with visible and invisible elements. All FLEAs will be rife with secret leakers in all directions.

                        Wilderness of mirrors territory again. My policy is to put it out in the open to all comers, including to the boys and girls down in the fusion centers.


                        MVT Texas 2015-2020
                        Team Cowbell / Team Coyote / Team Rekkr

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                          I am not sure where Mr. Bracken is headed with his post. I have no doubt that the individuals identified in the documentary could become violent with only slight provocation. Is he trying to imply that the latest version of the weather underground will have greater success than previous iterations? The WU, BM/RFA, PLO were largely bank robbers in Europe and armored car robbers in the US. The PLO was the more successful of the groups with their hijacking campaign than were the others though all created terror in various ways. In the US the militant black groups had more success than the WU. Clearly, none of them sparked the revolution.

                          The US groups are trying to subvert the US Government. Okay. Are we expected to believe this activity is not on the radar of the FBI? Federal But Incompetent granted, but their intelligence unit is still very capable. Ditto DEA. Does Mr. Bracken think that the current group can muster a hard core 1% of the population to carry out their campaign? I doubt seriously that the whole 50% of the population that voted for hrc want a communist utopia as their government. There may be 10% of that group that does want total communism but the numbers are not in their favor. Even with East German (DDR) backing, Baader Meinhof could not move the FRG to revolution. Most of the BM/RAF members rotted in German jails. Only a small number escaped to the east and they were outed when the DDR collapsed.

                          The difference in the US now may be the presence of the MB and the Latinos who have recently come here via the southern migration. However, I don’t see most of this group as reliable soldiers. The muslims can bring some hate but have not faired well of late when not in gun free zones.

                          So, what am I missing here?

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                            Bracken usually writes well, but this was not intended for ‘real’ publication, a tweet or something abbreviated and lots of acronyms thrown around that many had to decipher. Too bad, but the content is clear. That said, Thomas wrote:

                            ” I doubt seriously that the whole 50% of the population that voted for hrc want a communist utopia as their government.”

                            They don’t know what they don’t know. They have been blinded by TPTB, subverted into pink, vagina, social justice, hijab solidarity, whatever. All a smokescreen to get the crowd riled up and remove conscious thinking about what is really happening. Quite well crafted.
                            With thought about the current ‘education’ system in place for the last half century , and the directed lamestream media, no wonder all this is occurring. It will not go away and will have to be confronted.
                            More than likely in our lifetime. I personally believe that Trump will be forced at some point to ‘make an example’ of someone, group, whomever, that is challenging his agenda and vision, and it will be very nasty. The left has no intention of changing one iota. There will be a very public flogging as it were, at some point in the not too distant future. It will be reality therapy, a line in the sand. They will get the message whether they pickup the phone or not.

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                              Not sure what half the acronyms Bracken used mean.

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                                Sorry, dkwydk and blinded by tptb is not an answer. The left is extremely divided due to identity politics. The strategy of the left has been to divide and conquer and the strategy has worked well.

                                It is possible that a hardened and dedicated group that becomes the new WU could carry out a terror campaign. Some of the leftist groups could possibly get behind a group that would take action like a new WU. However, that is not a revolution or CW2. The bulk of the leftists have not yet become so indoctrinated that they will agree to or participate in an attempted mass slaughter of the right. Having seen that situation, we are not there yet. Were madona, et al., allowed to continue their value signaling unchecked, we might get there in the undermined future.

                                I do agree that the film is a warning sign of the left’s intent and that they warrant scrutiny.

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