Aargh PSA shipped me the wrong Ammo!

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        I had ordered some nice 38 SPC in 2 Ammo boxes to get some extra range time with cheaper Ammo (.357 mag is not cheap!)

        Now it got here finally and it’s 40 S&W aargh.
        I have no use for that caliber. :wacko:

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          They will exchange it for you won’t they?

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            I am sure they will..
            but my time of hassling with getting a box going to the UPS store will burn up time and hassle I prefer to focus on other things. :unsure:

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              If you call them…

              they can issue a “call tag” for it, and you can schedule a pick up at your office or whatever. Most places that screw up like that are happy to handle it that way. PSA is usually real good about customer service.

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                GREAT idea Eric! They can also do a “hot swap”.

                Once the package is picked up they then release / send the correct item. This is done often in the computer industry to minimize down time. Otherwise your down time is doubled e.g. They receive your ammo, process it then send out the correct ammo order.

                I have done this on many things other than computer related items. It just takes a little bit of coordination on the offending businesses part.

                Good luck! :good:

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                John Langdon

                  This is a little different but I ordered a PTAC BCG from PSA and wanted the higher end premium BCG. I called them and the exchanged it before it shipped and I had it two days later. Their customer service is pretty helpful. Just be prepared to wait on hold for a little bit.

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                    Mod, I know how you feel- when you need to get to the range, you need to get there NOW! :P

                    Second what other said- call PSA, see if you can get a call tag.
                    They should at *least* provide a shipping label for you to send it back.

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                      Well I still have plenty of 357 Magnum but you all know how much that is per round..

                      Am sending it back..

                      Just hate to hassle with packing something up and sending it somewhere

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