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        I’m trying to throw a cold right now, and so haven’t done much of anything today besides meds, food, and hydration. So I took a cruise through the old posts here at MVT, and I was looking at some of the things that myself, and others had said, down through the years. What struck me was when talking about current affairs, even just 5 years ago, I remember thinking at the time, that things are bad and we need to prepare for possibilities. But when I look at those posts now, I think wow, when I said that, I was maybe 50% sure it would happen, but today I think wow, I’m 90% sure that this is gonna happen.

        I think the combination of the Obama regime, where the social-statists became so emboldened, as to openly call for the destruction of our country, and of Trump actually winning, which really exposed how deep the rot is in the Deep State, has moved to threat meter way over into the red.

        Add in the current state of crisis in VA, and this shit is getting real.

        My little stroll down memory lane here really brought it home, how much events have accelerated since Trump took office. As relates to our 2A rights, active shooter events have accelerated and/or are sensationally covered by the US Pravda. Shrill cries for the abolition of our gun rights has been unceasing. In fact, politicians have dropped the fascade and are calling for out-right bans and confiscations.

        I point this out because we see a slow trend, day to day, but it’s much more noticeable when you go back several years and see huge difference from where we were, to where we are now. A lot of things that I thought were true, are now turning out to be true. It’s a lot worse than we thought. Trump winning exposed a lot of things that were supposed to stay hidden. The corruption in our government is mind-blowing.

        I only share this cheery thought with you today, because if you ever thought that prepping for bad times was a good idea before, it should now become a main priority.

        Get ready.

        I will now get back on my meds.

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          I hear ya Diz.

          I remember thinking that the sky was falling in the 1990s under Clinton. While it was bad then, its orders of magnitude worse now.

          I can remember Alex Jones (I know, I know) lamenting the fact that the things he ranted about in the 90s-00s being “mainstream” now.

          Prepare to abandon ship, because like the Titanic, the ship of State isn’t going to stop until it impacts the bottom.

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          Robert Henry

            I’ve been slam busy the last few months but I’ve wanted to write a short piece about this.

            Remember back last election cycle? The talk then was making sure hitlery didn’t get in so as to avoid CW2? Some argued there is no avoiding it, just putting it off a while. Others said “well I will use that time then to get ready.”

            HAVE YOU BEEN??

            Have you been using that 4 year time reprieve we got in 2016? Have you been training, practicing regularly, getting in shape, learning skills?

            How about stocking up? Gun and ammo retailers crying the blues, cutting prices, tons of availability + low prices and no rush to buy?

            Have you redeemed the time or have you wasted it?

            Some of us remember happily paying $75. for a Glock 9mm mag when you could actually find one. That went on for quite some years. Got logistics? Got ammo to train?


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