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        Damn Dude that’s sweet. I’m spreading the word.

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        Robert Henry

          Thanks Joe!


          Lost my MVT class list- been here a time or two :)
          Team Coyote. Rifleman Challenge- Vanguard

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          Robert Henry

            Just got some stupid cheap pricing on a lot of night vision for Holiday sales. Going to share it first here with MVT forum users.

            You’ll be able to get a new set of dual tube BNVDs with WHITE PHOS tubes for under $6,000. with a 10 year warranty.

            If you prefer green tubes in a BNVD single gain then it will be even less $5499.


            An Ultralight BNVD Single gain with Green phos tubes is available on holiday special-


            All sales on these will go live early on Saturday the 23rd. Volume will be heavy so I highly suggest ordering early!

            Will have some PVS14 deals also,

              but they won’t be our standard HP+ grade tubes,

            however you will be able to get a PVS14 base model for $2199. New with 10 year warranty. The holiday special PVS14’s I haven’t listed yet but will link when I do.

            We are having all of these made specially for JRH for the holiday sale period- hence why these exact tube models aren’t available year round. They may or may not be available in the future. Just to make sure this is clear- all of these marked “holiday specials 2019” will utilize lower specification tubes to get into this lower pricing tier, so you will not get as much performance as you would out of say an High Performance tube grade model that we normally sell.

            I have a set of the BNVD no gain with White Phos coming my way (my wife’s Christmas present) and I’ll get some pics up as soon as it arrives. I think that’s the best bang for the buck in the specials I was sent.

            Be ready for Max’s next Night Ops class with a new dual tube set!!!

            Feel free to call or email with any questions folks, I’m here working now through New Year’s day every day except Christmas and half day on Thanksgiving so contact any time.
            912.379.9441 or 912.375.1480


            Lost my MVT class list- been here a time or two :)
            Team Coyote. Rifleman Challenge- Vanguard

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            Joe (G.W.N.S.)


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