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        My sister forwarded me this link.
        Interesting read, I would like to think it’s true. Those that know, shed light on his remarks about our militray (at least at that camp).


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          This one has been stewing on me for a long time. I juts came across it again while coming here to post. This is such total bullshit from beginning to end. I can’t even start. The assumptions and false knowledge, even the idea that guys are fitter now likely because they are ‘huge’ from weight training etc. Bullshit.

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            Back in the day I played college football. Some guys on our team were roided up monsters. We had one kid who was a farmer. I didn’t mind getting hit by the roid guys, but when that ole farm boy hit me I swear he knocked my fillings out. He was tall and very lean. When he hit you it felt like getting hit by a truck. This is the kind of fitness that I believe we need to strive for. Pure functional fitness.

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