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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        9:03 EST the second plane hit the South Tower WTC.

        In that moment so much changed.

        It’s been seventeen years, doesn’t seem that long, but sometimes a lifetime ago.

        Still active duty, I was on my way to a meeting when a friend came up and asked if I had heard about a plane hitting the WTC? I told him no, and explained a B25 had crashed into the Empire State building back in 1945.

        As we approached the meeting room Fox News was on and I saw the clear skies in what was obviously VFR conditions. I was like that doesn’t make sense! How the hell did that happen?

        Then I watched the second plane; Flight 175, hit at 9:03!

        Things got real busy!

        Couldn’t get a hold of my Wife or kids, had to leave a message on machine. It would be days before I would talk to them. Months before I would see them.

        I’ll never forget that day!

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        Dark Knight

          Joe, Thank you for your service and sacrifice!

          I was a traditional National Guardsman at the time, working for a regional retail grocery chain. I normally worked as a cashier and front end manager. To make some extra $$ I was going to be working on the remodel team that day from 1000AM – 1000PM. I was awake and getting ready for work. The then wife was home, too. Her sister called and told us about the first plane (we had on Kids shows for youngest child) we turned on Fox News just in time to see 2nd plane hit.
          I went to work that day and did my shift. I told my manager, especially after hearing about the Pentagon, that I didn’t know when, but I was going somewhere. I figured since I was in the infantry battalion closest to the Pentagon in Northern VA, that we might be called to put a perimeter around the Pentagon (this would be handled by active duty from Ft Bragg). After I got home I was up until about 0100 pack all my gear and getting it ready, but it was for naught.
          Rumors flew in the unit about possible actions, but it was not until about 3 weeks later that I was able to volunteer to be a part of the security at Dulles International Airport. That lasted until may. I really enjoyed being in uniform full time and found a way to get on orders to the Army National Guard “headquarters” in Arlington, VA. I would be there until I retired in early 2013 in one form of active duty or another.
          I never went back to the grocery business. Things I was able to do and learn while on active duty allowed me to enter the world on Emergency Management/Continuity of Operations (COOP) as a contractor.
          September 11, 2001 really did change my life.
          I will never forget what happened and always remember all those lost then, and since because of what happened (the wars and the issues the responders face).
          Writing about it on the anniversaries, helps me to ensure I will never forget!!!

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            Me at was at Ft Leonard Mo for WMD school and were told what happen while we were in class we all thought it was part of class until we saw on TV.. Sad day

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              I was in school. You’re right about the second plane being the turning point. Few people remember but I do, there were a bunch of news stories about pilots drinking and flying back then. When this happened everyone just assumed it was a mistake. It wasn’t until the second tower was hit we all realized at once our world was changed.

              Then the pentagon and flight 93. All the bomb threats and misreported information didn’t help either. I was in Ohio not too far from the PA border when 93 crashed. Everyone freaked. Nothing was safe.

              I went home and sat down and watched tv. It was all about the attacks. I knew that day I’d join the army and I’d do whatever I could to protect my country and my family.

              That seems like such a long time ago, and just yesterday at the same time.

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              Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                When the Pentagon got hit we were gearing up to move out and it was initially passed to us that it was in flames.

                I pictured the entire facility in ruins!

                Had no time for TV and knew many at the Pentagon, rumors/fog of war stuff makes for scary times.

                A young E-1 asked me if this was a drill? I told him we’re at War, we just don’t know with who yet!

                I had done many no notice pre-positions in the past, so wife and kids knew it happens, but this was the first time it was obvious why!

                It was pretty hard on them.

                That seems like such a long time ago, and just yesterday at the same time.

                What gets me is we will shortly have young men and women serving in the military for GWOT that weren’t even born yet on 9/11!

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                Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                  Since its the 11th.

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