77 grain 556 vs 62 grain 556 green tip

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        Getting ready to make a purchase and I’m wondering if it’s worth while to buy some more expensive 77 grain for combat loads or just stick with quality 62 grain 855 (I already have a bit of this). I use wolf gold 55 grain for training.

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        Mike Q

          Buy a box of each and figure out which works best for your barrel. Then buy the right one in bulk.

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            I have some 77gr and a 4-14x scope for DMR style shooting. I get ~1MOA out of my 16″ BCM ELW 1:7 barrel with it. Seems unnecessarily expensive to use it for dynamic stuff at closer ranges though. But if I had to reach out 500-800 yards with 5.56 then I would prefer 77gr for sure.

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              77 grain is a good round for DMR shooting and TC is right it will reach out to 500-800yrds

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                It depends on your needs, honestly. I you need the range/accuracy? Are you willing to sacrifice barrier performance to get there?

                77gr SMK loads have ok terminal performance, but not fantastic. They have poor barrier penetration. Their best use is maximizing range in the open.

                If you can find it, XM556FBIT3 is a good all round defensive load.

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                  I’m experimenting with 75 gr BTHP. I use 20-round mags to distinguish the different loads.

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                    Thanks for all the info. I’ll get some more 62gr. Sounds like that will be everything I need.

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                      The 77g doesn’t give much gain, while it wears out a barrel quicker. The 62g performs well out to 450 yards, better than 55g XM193’s. I’ve experienced this first hand. There’s also more wear on the barrel with a heavier projectile.

                      The 62’s are a good compromise in price to performance, and barrel life.

                      I’m not shooting green tips, I’m shooting some bulk FMJ projectiles that I load my self. I didn’t have a 20″ barreled rifle to compare them to, but I’ve got one now. Once I load up some more rounds I’ll see if there’s any difference in the longer barrel.

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                        Here is a worth while article found on The Captains Journal

                        AR-15 Ammunition And Barrel Twist Rate

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                          Every 5.56/.223 Ammo has its positives and negatives. There is no perfect round. You just use the best you can afford. Don’t forget ALL of them will make a hole in a person. So don’t over think it.

                          HEAT 1(CTT) X 3
                          HEAT 2 (CP) X1
                          FOF X3
                          OPFOR X2
                          CLC X2

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                            I shoot Federal XM193 55grain. Works well with my BCM Recce 16.

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                              The 77g doesn’t give much gain, while it wears out a barrel quicker.

                              pleased explain and show how it wears out a barrel. is it true for .30 also

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                                I use MK262 for SBRs and SPR/DMRs (long range). The lower fragmentation velocity improves performance at longer ranges and out of shorter barrels. The improved accuracy is nice with SPRs/DMRs.

                                Everything else eats 55 grain M193 clones except for the competition service rifle which gets match grade 223.

                                Each of the MK262 rifles has a DOPE card with the adjustment needed to bring the zero back for M193. The M193 rifles have a DOPE card with the adjustment needed to go to MK262.

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