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        ^0 Minutes is having an episode about Red Flag laws starting at 7:55 PM EST on CBS, Sunday 11-17-19

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          I finally got around to watching this and I consider their efforts at balance to to be poor, not that I expected anything better.

          The man whose son committed suicide answered the value of “red flag laws” inadvertently when he reported that his son said he would just get another gun when discussing his taking son’s firearms.

          How does taking someone’s firearms make them no longer a threat to others or themselves?

          Even if you could shutdown all avenues of legal purchase, buying a stolen firearm from a thief would still be available.

          Obviously this isn’t about safety, but control spun as safety.

          We are fortunate that these nuts are fixated on firearms as they are very inefficient at generating high body counts. Unless you have “gunfree zones” to shift the odds.

          There are countless possibilities available to a dedicated and motivated nut job wannabe killers that are far more effective than firearms.

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