August 6, 2013

AAR from July 20/21 Training Weekend

After Action Report – Max Velocity Tactical Combat Rifle / Contact Drills July 20-21, 2013 Vicinity of Romney, WV BLUF:  Excellent course. Would certainly recommend to a […]
July 31, 2013

Swift Tip for the Week

Carry a small amount of a petroleum jelly based lubricant. Something like Vaseline or Aquaphore. Use it to combat chafing in your neither parts, butt crack, […]
July 29, 2013

Comments on Casualty Evacuation & Treatment

First, I’ll say that this will be a brief post because I will be at the training site all week and have a training weekend coming […]
July 26, 2013

Useful Patrol Training Video

This is a useful training video. It has applicability to an SHTF or Resistance scenario if you are operating in a small team. It is made […]