August 26, 2013

Training Slots & Planned Posts

Training: HERE is the link to my post on training weekends. You can also find more details on my website HERE. I have some spaces left […]
August 21, 2013

Commentary on Squad/Section Attacks

I had links to the following two Canadian Army articles sent in by a reader (links below). These are both excellent articles and summarize what I […]
August 20, 2013

OPSEC & Family/ Retreat Security

Recently there have been a couple of posts by Lizard Farmer and Mountain Guerrilla that I simply felt the urge to chip in on and expand […]
August 19, 2013

NEW MVT Subdued Logo Patch

The intent is to make these into embroidered velcro-backed patches for wear on arms or caps. These will be issued to students attending training courses. If […]