October 31, 2013

Opening – Nov 9/10 CRCD

A cancellation has freed up a space on the Nov 9/10 CRCD class. First $100 PayPal deposit gets it. HERE is the link to the class […]
October 30, 2013

New P.O. Box Address

New P.O. Box Address: P.O. Box 785GAINESVILLE VA 20156 Note: This swill be checked about once a week. If you send me something, best to email […]
October 30, 2013

Calling for Reviews!

It may be unconventional for an author to ask for reviews in this manner, but I’m not really a conventional kind of guy. I have to […]
October 30, 2013

Patrol Class: LUP vs. Patrol Base

Over the last several weekends I have been working, as I usually do, to improve the ranges at my training site and also digging the new […]