November 19, 2013

CRCD Class 14/15 December

I have some spots available on the 14/15 December Combat Rifle / Contact Drills class. It was drawn to my attention that I had not listed […]
November 18, 2013

AAR – Oct 26/27 2013 CRCD – Ben

AAR – Oct 26/27 CRCD I arrived Friday night after driving most of the 2nd half of the day from South Carolina. Max met me there […]
November 18, 2013

Taking Down the Tacticool Transition Dogma

Well, this is interesting, but highly predictable. Forums! Oh yes, Forums! Aren’t they wonderful places, that develop little hierarchy’s of their own, with certain posters establishing […]
November 15, 2013

MVT: Transition & New Training Opportunities

So, over a pleasant lunch I was informed that I am being ‘transitioned to  a new opportunity’ at work (to paraphrase SultanKnish), beginning after my two […]