January 28, 2014

Follow Up: Long Range Shooters – by Misfit

Misfit follows up with more excellent information and detail on the Squad Designated Marksman (SDM). I was disappointed at some of the response to his previous […]
January 27, 2014

Update: Patriot Dawn: Sequel in Progress

As you may be aware if you follow the blog, I have gone full time with the MVT training business. With the effort and time invested […]
January 26, 2014

Class Availability

The Feb 22-23 CRCD class is one of those that seems to have fallen in the cracks a little. I have classes filling up on both […]
January 25, 2014

Shattering Conventional CQB Dogma

I came across the following video on YouTube. I found it very interesting. It is discussing the ‘fatal funnel fallacy’ and I find it very refreshing […]