March 31, 2014

AAR TC3 28 March 2014

AAR TC3 If you ever were interested in learning how to potentially save a buddy or family member from high velocity puncture wounds, then Max Velocity […]
March 31, 2014

3 Places Available May 31- June 1 CRCD (Reschedule)

It’s some sort of game of musical chairs around here. I just filled the 3 slots that came available due to reschedules by students, and now […]
March 31, 2014

New Class Battle Rifle Policy

  Above: CRCD 29/30 March 2014 I have updated the gear list for Combat Rifle/Contact Drills (CRCD) (which applies to all other classes as well). The […]
March 29, 2014

CRCD Places Available due to a Reschedule

I was showing the April 26.27 and June 21/22 CRCD Classes as full on the Class Schedule. Due to three students rescheduling their classes, I now […]