July 9, 2014

Student Review: Rifle Manipulation Primer (RMP) 28 June: Wattage

Max: Rifle Manipulation Primer (RMP) is discontinued after September 1. The Combat Lifesaver (TC3) that currently happens that same day will move to the day before […]
July 9, 2014

Student Review: Combat Lifesaver (TC3) June 28: Wattage

Max: This class was the 4 hour version that goes along with RMP in the afternoon. Please note that after September 1 2014, the TC3 will […]
July 7, 2014

Using CS Gas in Break Contact Drills???

The use of CS gas in break contact drills is something that I have started to become aware of as a reality out there on the […]
July 6, 2014

Update to the Cadre Page: Aaron & Chris

You may not have caught this, but I have updated the Training Cadre page to reflect Aaron & Chris. Here is the text: AARON Aaron has been […]