August 5, 2014

Night Student Hunting: Photo

Max & Chris during night reconnaissance patrols, looking for student patrols:   Max: Crye Precision nightcap & PVS 14 Chris: HERE
August 5, 2014

Combat Patrol: Snapshots of the Class

We are in the tactical phase of the Combat Patrol Class (this one is a combined CRCD/Combat Patrol Class), overnight patrol base: recce patrol tonight. Proprietary […]
August 4, 2014

Combat Patrol Class: Photo Snapshot

We are up on the 5 day combined CRCD/Combat Patrol Class right now. Today, during some live squad break contact drills, I snapped this pic of […]
July 31, 2014

Student Review: Combined CRCD / Combat Patrol Class 28 June – 3 July: Sam

Max: Sam was ‘number 2 son’ of submariner’s four man (Dad plus 3 sons) fire team. He has some of the training out of sequence on the AAR below, in terms […]