November 18, 2013

Taking Down the Tacticool Transition Dogma

Well, this is interesting, but highly predictable. Forums! Oh yes, Forums! Aren’t they wonderful places, that develop little hierarchy’s of their own, with certain posters establishing […]
November 12, 2013


It’s always a good topic – gear! I recently posted about how I had been making up my battle belt with a mixture of purchased, re-purposed […]
October 24, 2013

Patrol Class Gear Questions

I’ve had a few inquiries about gear requirements for the Patrol Class. It seems like a good opportunity to allay some fears. Here is the LINK […]
October 17, 2013

Arctic Pilgrim: Links for components of a battle belt

Building a Battle Belt from Max Velocity’s Template: Links Quote: “FWIW, Max himself will tell you that he makes no claims about this setup being the […]