Max Talk 034: Why the ‘Lone Wolf Operator’ will Die (2): Individual Assault

Max Talk 033: Why the ‘Lone Wolf Operator’ will Die (1): Breaking Contact
August 8, 2018
Max Talk 035: Survive a Gunfight: Use of Cover
August 15, 2018



  1. Hello Max,
    My name is Benjamin Clark, Army retired Infantry 1SG. Great video, but must say you would have been killed the first or second move forward with out some supporting fires. Two or three against one is not good odds. Stay safe.

    Benjamin Clark, Ret.

    • Max Velocity Tactical says:

      Thank you for your Observation Benjamin. However, isn’t that the point of the video? I’m a little perplexed? I just posted another showing a buddy pair demonstration. Keep up!

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