Hostile Environment Advanced Tactics (HEAT) Classes: 2018

First VTC HEAT 1 Class March 22 – 25: 4 Spaces Available
January 20, 2018
The Warrior Mindset and Training Progression
January 31, 2018

Max Velocity Tactical is bringing Hostile Environment Advanced Tactics (HEAT) classes in 2018, a new series of classes. 

We have made the following improvements:

1) Facility Development has continued at the Velocity Training Center (VTC - Romney, West Virginia) over the course of the past five years. There is more of that work going on over this winter. The purpose of the ongoing work is to better support the training curriculum. Development of the ranges and facilities follows improvements to the training classes, and lessons learned, both with civilian classes and Special Operations Forces training. Due to the investment, and the way the site ideally supports training objectives, the MVT schedule will heavily focus at the VTC moving forward, with mobile classes reduced. We urge prospective students to consider a trip to the VTC over delaying perhaps for a hoped for local mobile class, which may never happen - in a similar way that you may travel to another specialized training facility. 

2) Curriculum Development has led to the current offering of HEAT classes. These are based off previous classes, but have been amended and improved, in order to provide best training value to the student. MVT classes are unique in that we care deeply about a correct and combat relevant training progression: we take what we do on the flat ranges very seriously, and offer excellence in weapon manipulation and combat marksmanship training, but we understand that training cannot stop at the flat range and devolve into the minutiae of weapons handling, and must progress to relevant tactical application. Providing that training opportunity is what the facility and curriculum is all about.

For an overview of training classes on offer, click the link below:


For the 2018 training Calendar, click the link below:


Here is a summary of what some of the the new classes equate to in the old terminology:

  • Hostile Environment Marksmanship (HEMS) = Combat Rifle Skills (CRS).

- HEMS is a combat marksmanship class bringing you the best in weapon manipulation and combat marksmanship.

- HEMS is a 2 day class on the flat range. 

  • Hostile Environment Advanced Tactics (HEAT) 1 = Rifle Skills / Combat Team Tactics.

- HEAT 1 incorporates HEMS (flat range) for 2 days prior to moving into team tactics on the tactical ranges. 

- HEAT 1 is a 4 day class: 2 days flat range, 2 days tactical ranges. 

  • Hostile Environment Advanced Tactics (HEAT) 2 = Combat Patrol / Direct Action.

- HEAT 2 moves into team and squad tactics and covers patrolling, recon, ambush and attack. 

- HEAT 2 is a 4 day class involving the tactical ranges / training area. 

We have fitness prerequisites for 2018 tactical classes, which you need to attest to. These are NOT HARD. They are a basic level and will allow you to get the most value out of the time and treasure you drop on these fantastic training events. 


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