Space Available: Force on Force Team Tactics November 4-5

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October 11, 2017
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We have space available on the November 4-5 Force on Force Team Tactics class.

There is also an optional Intro to CQB Day on Friday 3rd.

This training is invaluable.

We have 28 UTM bolts. The class has viable numbers right now, but we can get up to 28 on the class.



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  1. Max Velocity Tactical says:

    Just posted on the forum in regards to this post:

    Robert wrote:

    Hell yes, I’m in!

    I truly believe the Force on force classes bring everything into perspective.

    Yes you might have done CRCD once 4 years ago. Yes you might have been in the army 20 years ago. Yes you might be that guy that trains regularly and religiously. This class will benefit ALL.

    When you see so many serious students of violence repeating a class like this 3,4,5 times, you have to ask yourself- WHAT ARE YOU MISSING?

    Yes it’s fun as hell, but I can have “fun” in my backyard.

    It truly seems to bring together almost everything. You will KNOW if your weapons manipulations need work- because every slow or fumbled mag change will seem like an eternity under UTM fire. You will KNOW if your movement sucks. You will KNOW if your PT needs more work because of the times you will have to hustle.

    The days of just doing one class and thinking your are good to go forever are gone. It’s time to get serious about training, it’s time to get serious about your family’s survival. It’s time to get to Force on force and analyze what you truly need to work on.

    All BS aside, I’ve been training for 30 years, I know of no better measuring stick available to civilians to gauge our training levels and help give you an accurate guide to what you need to work on.