Precision Long Range Build Update – Velocity Training Center, Romney, WV

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July 8, 2017
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July 11, 2017

To be truly dangerous to your enemies, train at MVT.

I just returned from a work weekend up at the Velocity Training Center (VTC), WV.

See THIS POST about the RAFFLE for the continuing build of the MVT Team Cabin.

We built the firing point and cut in the 600 and 1000 yard impact points. It took a little while with tree trimming and felling to get the notch right through the 600 yard ridge to the 1000 yard point. However, we now have the locations and the basic cuts, all lined up with the target area visible. There is some tidy up and a little more felling to go, and we need to get the right steel for each target point.

This shoot not only has a million dollar view from the elevated firing point, it is also interesting because it goes over a ridge at 600 yards to the final ridge at 1000 yards, and thus will have interesting wind effects.

The driver here was a project to open up a long range precision shooting capability at the VTC. One factor is that we have SOF teams that train at the facility and we wanted to give their snipers a challenging shoot. This now opens up the capability to run precision shooting events, we have not yet nailed own exactly how we will approach that – perhaps long range workshop days or weekends. I am also seeking advice and feedback on the best / right steel to place at each target point. More to follow; suggestions / discussion welcome on the MVT FORUM.

Below: View from the newly constructed firing point.

Below: View looking back from the 600 yard point to the firing point:


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