Creation of Long Range Shooting Facility at the VTC, Romney

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July 6, 2017
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July 7, 2017

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For those of you not on the Forum , you will not have been following this, so Ia am putting it up here.

It has long been ‘received wisdom’ that we cannot do any long range shooting at the VTC in Romney, due to the tree coverage. However, having done some map studies ground and surveys, we are about to change that. We have a firing point and two target points at approximately 500 and 1000 yards. There is more possibility on that in the future, it just depends what trees / line of sight notches we plan on cutting.

I began the cutting of notches in the trees last week. This weekend, I will be up there with some volunteers working on the new team bunkhouse,a and also cutting in the notches to allow these shoots to happen. In the photos below, you will see where I have rough cut in the firing point and the 500 yard point, at that time simply to confirm line of sight. Once we have these notches nicely cut in, we will place steel targets.

We are not sure at this time exactly what long range shooting offerings we will make. That side is under development. When I cut the notches this weekend, I was up there for a SOF recon of the training site for a class, and showed the firing point notch to an experienced sniper, asking him: ‘Is there value in this.” He told me yes, because mostly people will shoot out to 1000 on flat ranges, but here we have the shoot going over a central ridge at 500 yards, and involving two valleys, which will produce interesting wind effects. In fact, the whole shoot is interesting and novel, with an amazing panorama form the firing point.

We may offer something along the lines of a ‘long range workshop’ with John, who is a sniper instructor. At the very least, this is an interesting capability addition to the VTC.

Below: first cut of the firing point notch, looking out at the approx. locations of the 500 and 100 yard ridges.

Below: first cut of the 500 yard point, looking back at the firing point.

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