Combat Patrol / Direct Action August 3 – 6: 3 Spaces Available

An Independence Day Truth Bomb?!
July 4, 2017
Creation of Long Range Shooting Facility at the VTC, Romney
July 6, 2017

To be truly dangerous to your enemies, train at MVT.

We have 3 spaces available on the August 3 – 6 Combat Patrol / Direct Action class. This is a 4 day class and the only one running this year at the VTC Romney. The only other 4 Day Combat Patrol / Direct Action that we run, is run in Texas in February. It is not too late to book this class. The prerequisite is attendance on Combat Team Tactics.

This is an essential class that moves you beyond the basics of the Combat team tactics class and teaches you applicable combat tactics for defending your base. If you have enemies threatening the safety of your people in a collapse or emergency situation,  this class will teach you the TTPs to make yourself truly dangerous to them.


There is no overnight on this class. It is a 4 day class that is divided into specific topics per day. The focus is on learning, rather than hardship.

Please note that for the day 1, Combat Team Tactics live fire revision portion, you will also be updated with changes to the taught techniques on the MVT live fire ranges, such as the incorporation of mannequins on the objective in the vicinity of the electronic pop-up targets for a more realistic ‘assault through’ TTP.

Combat Patrol Outline Curriculum (4 Day):

Class outline (subject to rearrangement):

Day 1 ‘Basics:’

  • Patrol Theory: Principles and mechanics of planning and organizing a patrol.
  • Patrol Movement/Security.
  • Live Fire Revision from CTT:
    • Assault Drills.
    • Team Break Contact Drills.

Day 2 ‘Reconnaissance:’

  • Gear: ruck/patrol pack theory, equipment and packing.
  • Patrol Movement/Security.
  • Reconnaissance Patrol: Close Target Recce.
  • ‘Actions On.’
  • PM: Live Fire: This follows on as a progression from the drills learned on CTT:
    • Overwatch & multiple team break contact drills.
    • The MVT Box Peel – L-Shaped ambush / multiple firing point technique.
  • Night: Practical Reconnaissance Patrol Exercise. Note: this will be an evening day/night patrol due to sunset times in August. Out in daylight, recon and return back in dark, to ensure enough rest before the following days activities.

Day 3 ‘Ambush:’

  • AM: Ambush theory & Rehearsals.
  • AM: Live Fire Ambush Patrol
  • PM: Live Fire Ambush Patrol
  • Note: we have expanded the live fire ambush sites at the VTC, so this will take place in a couple of different live fire ambush locations, utilizing the pop-up targets.
Day 4 ‘Attack Day:’
  • Patrol Base Theory and Practical Rehearsal / Application.
  • Hasty Attack / Raid (Deliberate Attack) – live fire.
  • Class AAR
  • Note: we will conduct hasty attack and raid for a couple of iterations on this day.

Class cost is $800.

Ammunition approx 1500 rounds (No M855 Green Tip or M/XM193 type ammunition).

See links below to book.

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